How to find a Ninja Turtle supply drop in Fortnite

Finding a Ninja Turtles supply drop in Fortnite is one of the missions in phase one of the TMNT event. The mission in question tasks you with searching for a Ninja Turtles supply drop, just one, and you will be rewarded with Ooze for doing so and can spend it on a TMNT themed reward.

However, as with most things in Fortnite, tracking down one of these supply drops is a mix of luck and managing to stay alive long enough to track one down. Fortunately, your minimap is available to help you.

Without further ado, we’re here to show you how to find a Ninja Turtles Supply Drop in Fortnite and how to search for one when you find it.

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How to find a Ninja Turtles supply drop in Fortnite

You should keep an eye on your minimap to find a Ninja Turtles supply drop in Fortnite and look for a small icon related to one of the four brothers. This icon will appear to mark the exact location of a drop, but it seems to take at least two rounds to appear.

The icon will be quite small but will look like this, our supply drop was Raphael themed:

fortnite tmnt raphael supply delivery map icon in a circle
Image credit: Eurogamer/Epic Games

As soon as you find an icon like this, head straight towards it and you should see a box under a large balloon which is the head of the Turtle whose theme it is. The box is the delivery of supplies, but hurry up when you look for it, other people will also look for it.

How to find a Ninja Turtles supply delivery in Fortnite

To search for a Ninja Turtles supply drop in Fortnite after finding it, you need to run to the box under the large globe and interact with it as you would with a normal chest or box. Then, several high-level items will come out of the box and the balloon will disappear.

fortnite tmnt raphael supply drop box on the mountain
Image credit: Eurogamer/Epic Games

There will be a red item in each box with a weapon that corresponds to the Turtle the drop is themed around. So for us, we had Raphael’s Sai.

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