How to complete Photozomb challenge in Overwatch 2

Posing with the bride during her presentation is a special Wrath of the Bride Halloween challenge called Photozomb in Overwatch 2.

For completing the Photozomb challenge in Overwatch 2, you’ll receive the “Never cross the bride” voice line from Sombra. Some other challenges award XP for the Battle Pass, but this voice line is a nice one-time reward.

You’ll have to play through a lot of the level and then be very, very quick with this one, so we’ve explained exactly how to complete the Photozomb challenge below.

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How to complete the Overwatch 2 Photozomb challenge

If you haven’t already, you must first unlock Arcade mode in order to access the Halloween event challenges in Overwatch 2. This requires you to first play fifteen matches in Quick Play.

When you unlock Arcade, select Wrath of the Bride and choose your difficulty. We highly recommend playing the “story” mode if you just want to complete small challenges like Photozomb.

Photozomb can be one of the most annoying and time-consuming challenges this Halloween, as you have to play the entire level until you unlock the door at the back of the castle and access where the lord is.

There is also a very narrow window before the bride’s presentation in this area where you have to try to get into the frame before a photo is taken, meaning if you fail you will have to complete the level again to reach this point once. further.

Due to this tight time frame, we recommend playing as Sojourn. His Power Slide ability can get you closer to the image area faster than the other heroes included in this event.

We also have an Overwatch 2 tier list to help you decide who to play each role once you’ve unlocked all the heroes, a competitive mode and MIT explainers, and all the Season 1 Battle Pass skins you can to unlock.

To prepare for the bride’s introduction, approach the door that a teammate opens (this is after encountering the Unstoppable Ghost and achieving the objective of opening a door). Or open the door yourself. As soon as you go through the door, run and slide to the left to head towards the person who is tied under a sheet, then jump on top of the person under the sheet to complete the Photozomb challenge.

Jump inside this area to complete the Photozomb challenge.

If you were fast enough, your character will appear in the shot while the short scene introducing the bride plays. Although we have seen some reports that it is necessary to show emotions while in the frame, we did not do so and still completed the challenge.

If you want to be more confident in completing the challenge, then you should also express yourself. be extra extra Sure, try to jump to the platform above the man where the bride will appear and make gestures here.

If you haven’t already, you can replay the event to also complete the Ominous Portent, Lantern Lit, and Witch’s Brew challenges.

I hope you have fun this Halloween in Overwatch 2!

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