How to build a second base in Palworld

Knowing how to build a second base in Palworld will extend your reach across the map. You can build a second base to be a resource farm or perhaps a quaint house for you and your friends. Either way, one base is good, so two must be better.

In Palworld, having a base gives you a place to rest and create numerous items that you will need throughout your various adventures. You can only place a limited amount on a single base, so building a second one is essential if you want to create more.

Without further ado, we are here to show you how to build a second base in Palworld and also explain the base upgrade system.

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How to build a second base in Palworld

To build a second base in Palworld, you need to upgrade your existing base to level 10. You will need to do this by building all the items listed in the base upgrade menu in your Palbox.

To level up your base from nine to 10, you will need to be at level 13 to build a cooler using:

  • Ingot x20
  • x20 Stone
  • x5 ice organ

You will then need to be Level 14 to build a Sphere workbench with:

In Palworld, the Sphere Workbench recipe has been highlighted in the technology tree.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Pocketpair

Once your existing base has reached level 10, you can build a second one anywhere you want (within reason). To create a second base, you will need to build another Palbox and place it in the area where you want your next base to be.

As a quick reminder, you will need the following materials to build a Palbox:

  • x8 wood
  • x3 stone
  • x1 Palladium Shard

Once you’ve created your second Palbox and placed it, you can start adding buildings to your new base.

Palworld base upgrade system explained

When you are in a base that you have built, you can upgrade it by building a specific set of items and placing them in your base. The items you will need to craft to upgrade a base to the next level can be found by entering the ‘Base Upgrade’ menu when you place the selector over the Palbox.

The image shows the base level and the tasks have been highlighted in the palbox updates menu.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Pocketpair

The menu that appears will show you your current base level at the top and the list of tasks you need to complete to advance to the next level.

Complete the tasks listed and select ‘Upgrade’ to level up your base (and this also applies to all your existing bases).

palworld palbox menu update base option highlighted
Image credit: Eurogamer/Pocketpair

That is all for now! If you’re not sure where to build next, check out our list of the best base locations on the map and then check out our list of best base friends to determine who to assign to your home. Alternatively, if it’s materials you need, check out our guides showing you how to farm pure quartz and how to farm charcoal.

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