How can you apply for a higher pension under the Employees Pension Scheme?

The last date to qualify for a higher pension under the Employee Pension Plan has been extended to July 11. Employees who are interested in opting for a higher pension linked to the actual salaries they receive can easily log in to the unified portal of EPFO.

In case an individual wants a higher pension, the portal provides a link for ‘Higher Salary Pension – Exercise of Joint Option’ for such member. The applicant will have to fill in basic details like name, universal account number, date of birth, Aadhaar and a mobile phone number linked with Aadhaar.

The applicant will then be asked to upload the joint employer option. Once the joint option is validated, the member will have to provide provident fund account details of all previous employments. The EPFO ​​populates some member details automatically. However, if a member would like to provide more information about other places of employment, she can fill in those details.

The member who wishes to opt for higher pension under the Employees Pension Scheme will also be required to provide details of the latest PF account statements. These statements would be for the year 2022-2023.

Once the details are successfully submitted, an acknowledgment number is provided to the member. EPFO officials will then process the applications. Demand letters will then be sent to members.

So far, the EPFO ​​is known to have issued approximately 1,000 demand letters.

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