Honkai Star Rail Acheron materials, kit, and Eidolons

Acheron is a 5-star Lightning character from The Nihility path who will likely come to Honkai: Star Rail in version 2.1.

While Acheron will likely appear as the upgraded 5-star character on her Banner in version 2.1, she will eventually return to Honkai: Star Rail at some point in the future when the Banner’s timeline returns to her.

If you want to prepare yourself if you Warp her successfully, we’ve detailed reliable leaks of Ascension Materials and Acheron Tracking Materials so you can level her up to her full potential right away. To understand how you might interpret her, we’ve also detailed what we know about Acheron’s kit and the Eidolons.

Please note that this is leaked beta information, so Acheron’s materials and kit may change after its official release.

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Honkai Star Rail Acheron Kit

Acheron is a 5-star Lightning character from The Nihility path that deals damage by building and getting rid of stacks. Acheron also works very well with Nihility’s debuffs, as his personal damage increases when enemies have multiple debuffs applied.

All percentages mentioned below are based on level 1 traces.

Keeping in mind that this is leaked beta information from honyehunterworld that could change upon its official release, here’s a summary of Acheron’s kit in Honkai Star Rail:

  • Element: Lightning.
  • Path: Nihility.
  • Rarity: 5 stars.
  • Basic Attack: Trilateral Wiltcross: Deals lightning damage equal to 50% of Acheron’s attack to a single enemy.
  • Ability: Octobolt Flash: Acheron gains one point of Slashed Dream, inflicts a stack of Crimson Knot to a single target enemy, and deals Lightning damage equal to 80% of his attack to that enemy, as well as all Lightning damage equal to 30 % of your attack to adjacent enemies.
  • Acheron cutout presentation art for Honkai Star Rail.
    Image credit: HoYoverse

  • Ultimate: Slashed Dream Cries in Red: Acheron unleashes Rainblade, dealing lightning damage equal to 14.4% of his attack to a single enemy and removing up to three stacks of Crimson Knot from the target. When removed, Crimson Knot deals lightning damage equal to 9% of Acheron’s attack to all enemies once, and the damage multiplier for this attack increases by an additional 9% for each stack of Crimson Knot removed. After Rainblade is unleashed three times, Acheron immediately uses Stygian Resurge, dealing Lightning damage equal to 72% of his attack to all enemies, removing all stacks of Crimson Knot. Crimson Knot is not inflicted on enemies during Acheron’s Ultimate.
  • Talent (passive ability): Atop Rainleaf Hangs Oneness: When Slashed Dream reaches nine stacks, Acheron’s ultimate can be unleashed, reducing enemies’ toughness regardless of their weakness types and also reducing their resistance to all types. by 25% until the end of Acheron. Last. When any unit inflicts debuffs on an enemy while using an ability, Acheron gains a stack of Slashed Dream and inflicts Crimson Knot on that enemy target. This can be activated once per action, and if the ability used inflicts a debuff on multiple enemies, a stack of Crimson Knot is inflicted on the enemy with the most stacks of Crimson Knot.
  • Technique (Overworld Skill): Quadrivalent Ascendancy: Acheron immediately attacks an enemy and, at the start of the battle, gains two stacks of Slashed Dream and deals lightning damage equal to 80% of his attack to all enemies. Acheron also inflicts two stacks of Crimson Knot on a single random enemy. Additionally, if the enemy has red Karma, he is immediately defeated and will not enter combat. A technique point is not spent if Acheron’s attack misses an enemy.
  • Bonus Trace 1: Red Ogre: At the start of the battle, Acheron immediately gains four stacks of Slashed Dream and applies four stacks of Crimson Knot to a random enemy.
  • Bonus Trace 2: The Abyss: When there are half the other characters following the Path of Nihility on the team, Acheron’s basic attack, ability, and ultimate damage is increased to 115%/160% of his original damage.
  • Bonus Trace 3: Thunder Core: When Acheron’s Ultimate Rainblade hits enemies with Crimson Knot, its damage is increased by 30%, stacking up to a maximum of three times, and lasting three turns. Additionally, Acheron deals six hits of damage when Stygian Resurge activates, with each hit dealing Lightning damage equal to 25% of Acheron’s attack to a single enemy. This is considered maximum damage.

Honkai Star Rail Acheron Ascension Materials

Shapeshifter’s Lightning Staff.

You must use Acheron Ascension materials to improve stats such as its health, attack, defense, and critical hit effectiveness.

With the latest beta information obtained from Honeyhunterworld, it seems that you need to obtain a large amount of dream-based materials and lightning staff from Shape Shifter in order for Acheron to fully upgrade its capabilities.

In total, the Acheron Ascension materials in Honkai: Star Rail are:

  • Dream Collection Component x15
  • Dream Flow Valve x15
  • Engine to make dreams x15
  • x65 Shapeshifter’s Lightning Staff
  • 308,000 credits

For more details, here are the Acheron Ascension materials you need by level:

Acheron Ascension Level Materials from the Ascension of Acheron Cost of credit Prize
Level 20 Dream Collection Component x5 4,000 x1 regular Star Rail pass
Level 30 Dream Collection Component x10 8,000 None
level 40 x6 Dreamflow Valve, x3 Shapeshifter’s Lightning Staff 16,000 x1 regular Star Rail pass
Level 50 x9 Dreamflow Valve, x7 Shapeshifter’s Lightning Staff 40,000 None
Level 60 x6 Dream Maker Engine, x20 Shapeshifter’s Lightning Staff 80,000 x1 Normal Star Pass
Level 70 x9 Dreammaker Engine, x35 Shapeshifter’s Lightning Staff 160,000 None

Remember, this is leaked beta information that could change with the official release of Acheron.

Trace Materials Honkai Star Rail Acheron

View of the Fiery Sprite materials menu in Honkai Star Rail.
Burning sprite. | Image credit: HoYoverse

Like Ascension, to get the most out of using Acheron you’ll need to level up his attacks and passive abilities using Trace materials, which vary from character to character.

Thanks again to Honeyhunterworld for getting the information, it looks like Acheron will need to use a lot of Fiery Sprite and Dream based materials to fully upgrade his capabilities.

In total, to upgrade all of his abilities, the Acheron trace materials you need are:

  • x8 Clues of Destiny
  • x12 Past Evils of Planet Borehole Disaster
  • x18 Burning Spirit
  • Dream Collection Component x41
  • Dream Flow Valve x56
  • Engine to make dreams x58
  • x69 Essence of Starfire
  • x139 Sky Incinerator
  • 3 million credits

Once again, this is leaked beta information, so Acheron materials could change after its official release.

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Honkai Star Rail Acheron Eidolons

By obtaining duplicates of Warping’s Acheron on his banner, you will receive his Eidolon. This material allows you to unlock levels of Eidolon, with each upgrade improving an existing attack or passive ability.

Official drip marketing for Acheron, a five-star nihility path blitz attacker.
Image credit: HoYoverse

With beta information coming from Honeyhunterworld, here are all of the Acheron Eidolons in Honkai: Star Rail:

  • Silenced Sky Spake Sooth (E1): Acheron’s critical rate is increased by 18% when dealing damage to weakened enemies.
  • Mute Thunder in Still Tempest (E2): The number of characters in Path of Nihility needed for the highest value of The Abyss tracking ability is reduced by one, and at the start of Acheron’s turn, she gains a point of Slashed Dream . Additionally, Acheron inflicts a stack of Crimson Knot on the enemy with the most stacks of Crimson Knot.
  • Frost Bites in Death (E3): Increases the level of Acheron’s Ultimate by two with a maximum enhancement level of 15, and increases the level of his basic attack by one, with a maximum enhancement level of 10.
  • Shrined Fire for Mirrored Soul (E4): When using his Ultimate, Acheron inflicts ultimate damage vulnerability to all enemies, increasing the ultimate damage they take by 12%. This lasts two turns.
  • Souls Scattered in Erased Lands (E5): Increases Acheron’s skill and talent level by two, with a maximum upgrade level of 15.
  • Apocalypse, the Emancipator (E6): Acheron’s ultimate critical damage is increased by 60%, and Acheron’s basic attack and ability damage are also considered ultimate damage.

Good luck leveling Acheron in Honkai Star Rail!

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