Highest Grossing Movies of All Time – Top 10 Record-Breaking Blockbusters

Highest Grossing Movies of All Time

The concept of the highest-grossing movies of all time refers to those films that have generated the highest revenue at the global box office throughout history. These films have resonated with audiences on a massive scale, drawing in millions, if not billions, of viewers and creating a lasting cultural impact. Here is the list of the highest grossing movies of all time:








Avengers: Endgame



Avatar: The Way of Water






Star Wars: The Force Awakens 



Avengers: Infinity War 



Spider-Man: No Way Home



Jurassic World



The Lion King 



Marvel’s The Avengers 


Top 10 Highest-Grossing Movies of All Time

Achieving the status of the highest-grossing movie of all time is a remarkable feat, representing a combination of factors such as captivating storytelling, compelling characters, innovative filmmaking techniques, and sometimes the benefit of franchise recognition or a loyal fan base. These films often transcend geographical boundaries, language barriers, and cultural differences, resonating with audiences across the globe.

Over the years, the list of highest-grossing movies has evolved as new films enter the market, breaking records and surpassing previous milestones. The box office success of these films is a testament to their widespread appeal, drawing in audiences from diverse backgrounds and captivating them with their storytelling prowess.

From epic adventures and science fiction blockbusters to animated features and superhero sagas, the highest-grossing movies encompass a wide range of genres and themes. They reflect the changing tastes and preferences of audiences, as well as the advancements in technology that enhance the cinematic experience.

As the film industry continues to evolve and new movies make their mark at the box office, the list of highest-grossing films of all time serves as a barometer of success, showcasing the power of cinema to captivate and engage audiences on a global scale. These films become part of cinematic history, leaving an indelible mark on popular culture and inspiring future generations of filmmakers to push the boundaries of creativity and storytelling.


1. Avatar (2009)

Avatar, directed by James Cameron and released on December 18, 2009, captivated audiences with its immersive world and groundbreaking visual effects. The film tells the story of a paraplegic Marine who becomes involved in a conflict on the alien planet of Pandora, teaming up with its indigenous inhabitants in a battle over valuable resources.

Amidst great anticipation and skepticism, Avatar exceeded all expectations, surpassing the record-breaking success of James Cameron’s previous film, Titanic. With the resurgence of 3D technology and the filmmaker’s expertise in pushing technological boundaries, Avatar dominated the box office for an impressive seven consecutive weekends in North America, grossing over $595 million.

On February 2, 2010, just 47 days after its release, Avatar surpassed Titanic to become the highest-grossing film domestically. It held this record for nearly six years until it was eventually overtaken. Internationally, Avatar achieved an extraordinary feat by becoming the first film to earn over $2 billion outside of the United States and Canada, solidifying its position as the highest-grossing film worldwide at that time.

Avatar’s reign as the highest-grossing film lasted for almost a decade until it was surpassed by Avengers: Endgame in 2019. However, in an effort to reignite interest in the franchise, particularly with the upcoming release of Avatar 2, the film was re-released in China in March 2021. This re-release, coupled with the global recognition and enduring popularity of the original film, propelled Avatar back to the top of the box office charts.

Avatar’s incredible success can be attributed to its captivating storytelling, groundbreaking visual effects, and the imaginative world created by James Cameron. It remains a significant milestone in cinematic history, demonstrating the immense power of film to transport audiences to new and awe-inspiring realms.


2. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Avengers: Endgame, released on April 26, 2019, marked the culmination of over a decade of storytelling in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, the film delivered an epic conclusion to the narrative arc that began with Iron Man in 2008. With a compelling storyline and an emotional payoff, Avengers: Endgame became a global phenomenon and a record-breaking box office success.

The anticipation leading up to Endgame was immense, fueled by the cliffhanger ending of its predecessor, Avengers: Infinity War. Audiences eagerly awaited the resolution to the devastating events of the previous film, resulting in an unprecedented demand for tickets. The film shattered records from the moment it hit theaters, surpassing Infinity War’s opening weekend by nearly $100 million.

In just eight days, Avengers: Endgame had already grossed over half a billion dollars domestically, reaching $621 million by its tenth day. Week after week, the film continued to break records, sparking discussions about when it would surpass Avatar as the highest-grossing movie of all time. Although it faced strong competition in subsequent weekends, including from other Disney releases like The Lion King, Endgame managed to maintain its momentum.

However, it became evident that achieving the all-time box office record would require a final push. Marvel and Disney strategically re-released the film on June 28 with additional content during the end credits, enticing fans to return to theaters. Ultimately, on its 13th week of release, Endgame surpassed Avatar and claimed the title of the highest-grossing movie worldwide. The film’s achievement was a testament to its enduring popularity and the loyalty of Marvel fans.


3. Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)

Avatar: The Way of Water, released on December 16, 2022, proved that James Cameron’s Avatar franchise still had a significant cultural impact and drawing power after 13 years. Despite the debates surrounding its ability to attract audiences once again, the film silenced skeptics and solidified its place as a box office juggernaut.

While Avatar: The Way of Water did not have the highest opening weekend at the time, ranking 38th, its reputation as a theatrical event and the anticipation surrounding its release spread worldwide through word-of-mouth. Audiences flocked to theaters, eager to experience another immersive journey in the Avatar universe. The film spent an impressive seven weeks at the top of the box office, matching its predecessor’s feat, and remained in the top 10 for 15 weeks, surpassing the original film.

With a worldwide gross of $2.320 billion, Avatar: The Way of Water reaffirmed the franchise’s status as a global phenomenon. James Cameron once again pushed the boundaries of filmmaking, creating the most expensive film ever made, yet emerging profitable on the other side.

This achievement further solidified Cameron’s position as a visionary filmmaker capable of delivering spectacular cinematic experiences.

Having three out of the four biggest spectacles ever made under his belt, Cameron’s impact on the film industry is undeniable. Avatar: The Way of Water’s success showcased the enduring appeal of the franchise, captivating audiences with its groundbreaking visuals, immersive storytelling, and rich world-building.


4. Titanic (1997)

Titanic, released on December 19, 1997, directed by James Cameron, became a cultural phenomenon and a global box office sensation. Despite concerns over its budget and a delayed release, the film exceeded all expectations and left an indelible mark on cinema history.

James Cameron was known for his penchant for making expensive movies, with previous films like The Abyss, Terminator 2, and True Lies setting records as the most expensive films of their time. Titanic followed suit, pushing the boundaries of filmmaking and production costs even further.

However, the extraordinary success of Titanic was unparalleled. The film captivated audiences worldwide with its sweeping romance set against the backdrop of the ill-fated RMS Titanic. It dominated the box office, holding the number one spot for 15 consecutive weeks.

Titanic’s impact extended beyond its box office performance, as it garnered 14 Academy Award nominations and won 11 Oscars, including Best Picture. The film’s stars and its iconic theme song, “My Heart Will Go On,” became deeply ingrained in popular culture, evoking emotions and tears from audiences across the globe.

With a worldwide gross of $2.265 billion, Titanic held the all-time box office record for an impressive 12 years. It showcased the power of Cameron’s storytelling and his ability to create a cinematic experience that resonated deeply with audiences. Titanic’s success paved the way for Cameron’s subsequent film, Avatar, which would eventually surpass Titanic’s box office record.


5. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens, released on December 18, 2015, proved to be a monumental success, defying expectations and reigniting the fervor of Star Wars fans worldwide. Directed by J.J. Abrams, the film represented a significant undertaking as it marked the return of the beloved franchise after a 12-year hiatus following the completion of the prequel trilogy.

The reception to The Force Awakens was overwhelmingly positive, with a 93% rating on the Tomatometer. J.J. Abrams masterfully blended the old and the new, introducing a fresh cast of characters while also bringing back the iconic trio of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia. This blending of generations resonated with fans, reigniting their excitement and drawing them back into the Star Wars universe.

The film’s release was met with immense anticipation, and audiences responded accordingly. The Force Awakens achieved the highest opening weekend in history, grossing an astonishing $247.9 million. In under three weeks, it surpassed Avatar to become the all-time domestic box office champion, ultimately grossing $936.7 million domestically. Moreover, The Force Awakens achieved the impressive milestone of joining the exclusive $2 billion club within just 54 days.

To this day, Star Wars: The Force Awakens retains its position as the highest-grossing domestic release of all time. Its success showcased the enduring popularity and cultural impact of the Star Wars franchise, while also proving that audiences were still deeply invested in the galaxy far, far away.

The film’s ability to capture the spirit of the original trilogy while introducing a new generation of characters ensured its place as a landmark entry in the Star Wars saga.


6. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Avengers: Infinity War, released on April 27, 2018, marked a significant milestone for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). After nearly a decade of storytelling, the film brought together a vast array of characters for an intergalactic showdown against the formidable villain, Thanos. Infinity War’s daring and unforgettable cliffhanger left audiences in shock, eagerly anticipating the conclusion of Phase 3 of the epic series.

The film’s box office performance was nothing short of extraordinary. Avengers: Infinity War shattered records, surpassing the three-day opening weekend record previously held by The Force Awakens, earning an astounding $257.6 million. It achieved the remarkable feat of reaching the $2 billion mark in just 48 days, further cementing its position as a monumental success.

While Avengers: Infinity War fell just short of Black Panther’s domestic box office total, which had been released two months prior, it still amassed an impressive domestic gross of $678.8 million. The film’s ability to bring together numerous beloved characters and deliver a galaxy-wide narrative captivated audiences worldwide, showcasing the culmination of a decade’s worth of storytelling and world-building in the MCU.

Avengers: Infinity War’s achievements highlighted the immense popularity and anticipation surrounding the superhero genre and the MCU in particular. Its record-breaking opening weekend, rapid climb to the $2 billion milestone, and substantial domestic box office performance demonstrated the immense appeal and enduring fandom surrounding the franchise.


7. Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Spider-Man: No Way Home, released on December 15, 2021, defied expectations and became a box office phenomenon, grossing an impressive $1.922 billion worldwide. This ambitious entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe brought together beloved characters from Spider-Man’s cinematic history in a multiverse-expanding story filled with humor, heartbreak, and thrilling moments.

What made the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home particularly remarkable was the backdrop of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which significantly impacted moviegoing habits. Despite these challenges, audiences eagerly flocked to theaters, recognizing the unique cinematic experience that No Way Home promised. The film’s ability to draw viewers despite the circumstances made it an unexpected box office champion.

Spider-Man: No Way Home not only became the highest-grossing Spider-Man movie ever made but also claimed the title of the most successful movie ever released by Sony Pictures. Its exceptional performance allowed it to dominate the year 2021 and secure a place in the top 10 highest-grossing films of all time.

The future of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains uncertain, but the success of No Way Home solidified his impact on the all-time box office list. The film’s compelling storyline, incorporation of beloved characters from previous Spider-Man iterations, and the anticipation surrounding the multiverse concept resonated strongly with audiences, resulting in its record-breaking success.


8. Jurassic World (2015)

Jurassic World, released on June 12, 2015, stormed the box office and grossed an astounding $1.672 billion worldwide. As a sequel to Steven Spielberg’s iconic Jurassic Park, which captivated audiences in 1993, Jurassic World aimed to provide a new generation with its own thrilling dinosaur adventure.

The film garnered a solid 71% rating on the Tomatometer, making it the second-best reviewed film in the Jurassic series, trailing behind the original Jurassic Park, which received an impressive 91% rating. Despite not surpassing the critical acclaim of its predecessor, Jurassic World dominated the competitive summer movie season, facing tough competition from films like Avengers and Minions.

Jurassic World’s success was undeniable, particularly at the domestic box office. With a domestic gross of $653.4 million, it became only the third film since Titanic in 1998 to exceed $600 million in the domestic market. The film’s ability to captivate audiences, evoke the same sense of awe and excitement as the original Jurassic Park, and introduce new dinosaur thrills resonated with viewers of all ages.


9. The Lion King (2019)

The Lion King, released on July 19, 2019, became a box office phenomenon, grossing a remarkable $1.663 billion worldwide. As part of Disney’s strategy to create live-action adaptations of their animated classics, The Lion King was one of three such releases in 2019.

Building on the success of previous live-action remakes like The Jungle Book and Beauty and the Beast, Disney aimed to captivate audiences once again. While Dumbo had a relatively lackluster performance, Aladdin found success. However, it was The Lion King that truly stood out. The original 1994 animated film was already one of Disney’s most successful movies, and director Jon Favreau’s CGI-driven reimagining sought to recreate the beloved story for a new generation.

Despite receiving mixed reviews from critics (with a 53% rating on the Tomatometer), The Lion King’s financial success was undeniable. Its opening weekend brought in an impressive $191 million, ranking as the eighth-highest of all time at that point. Domestically, it became the 14th film to surpass the $500 million mark. On the global stage, it joined the elite group of films that exceeded $1 billion, becoming the ninth movie to achieve this feat.

Although The Lion King received a lower critical reception compared to its predecessors, its financial achievements solidified its place as a major box office hit. The film’s nostalgic appeal, combined with modern visual effects, drew audiences worldwide and further demonstrated Disney’s mastery in reviving their animated classics for contemporary audiences.


10. Marvel’s The Avengers (2012)

Marvel’s The Avengers, released on May 4, 2012, grossed a staggering $1.521 billion worldwide. This groundbreaking film demonstrated the immense success of bringing together popular superheroes such as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. The combined box office earnings of their individual origin stories were surpassed by The Avengers’ remarkable achievement.

By the time The Avengers was released, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) had already produced five films, including Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk. However, it was this team-up movie that marked the first unified battle against the villainous Loki and his army. Directed by Joss Whedon, the film made history by becoming the first ever to surpass $200 million in a single weekend.

Furthermore, The Avengers cemented its place in the record books by joining the exclusive Billion Dollar Club, which at the time had only 12 members. Its domestic earnings alone reached an impressive $623.4 million, contributing significantly to its overall global success.

The film’s unprecedented achievements highlighted the enormous appeal of seeing beloved superheroes unite on the big screen and laid the foundation for future monumental collaborations within the MCU.


Top Grossing Movies of All Time

The top grossing movies of all time represent the pinnacle of financial success in the world of cinema. These films have amassed staggering amounts of revenue at the global box office, solidifying their status as blockbuster hits that have resonated with audiences on a massive scale.

The list of top grossing movies encompasses a diverse range of genres, spanning from action-packed adventures and superhero epics to animated masterpieces and captivating dramas. These films have managed to capture the imagination of viewers from all walks of life, transcending cultural boundaries and leaving an indelible impact on popular culture.

What sets these movies apart is their ability to not only attract massive audiences but also to maintain their appeal over time. Many of these films have become cultural touchstones, generating a dedicated fan base and inspiring spin-offs, merchandise, and even entire franchises.

The success of these movies is often the result of a combination of factors. Compelling storytelling, iconic characters, groundbreaking visual effects, and masterful direction all contribute to their box office triumph. Additionally, some films benefit from the backing of well-established franchises or the involvement of A-list actors and filmmakers, further amplifying their commercial prospects.

As the film industry continues to evolve, new entries have the potential to break into the coveted top grossing movies of all time list. Advances in technology, the expansion of international markets, and the continued appetite for immersive cinematic experiences contribute to the ongoing growth and reshuffling of this prestigious ranking.

For movie enthusiasts and industry insiders, the top grossing movies of all time serve as a barometer of success, reflecting the changing tastes and preferences of audiences around the world. They also provide insight into the power of storytelling and the remarkable impact that movies can have on global audiences.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the financial achievements of these films, studying the strategies behind their success, or simply marveling at their monumental box office figures, the top grossing movies of all time are a testament to the enduring power and popularity of cinema.

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