Ghost in the Machine code and quest steps for Rotom in Pokémon Go

Ghost in the Machine is a timed research mission that gives you the chance to catch a Rotom in normal form in Pokémon Go.

However, you must first use the Ghost in the Machine code to unlock this Pokémon Go mission. If you don’t, you won’t be able to catch Rotom regularly or have a chance to find his shiny form!

Since this is Rotom’s debut on a regular basis in Pokémon Go, and Rotom’s distribution is traditionally tied to events like Go Tour: Sinnoh, we highly recommend completing Ghost in the Machine. To help you achieve this, we describe how to redeem the Ghost in the Machine code and the steps of your mission below.

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Rotom Code: How to Redeem the Ghost in the Machine Code in Pokémon Go

To obtain Rotom normally during Pokémon Go Tour: Sinnoh Global, you must redeem the Ghost in the Machine code: 0HY0UF0UNDM3

This code must be redeemed by 8 pm (local time) on Sunday, February 25, which is also the deadline for this timed research mission. Please note that no matter what device you are using, all Pokémon Go codes must now be redeemed through the official Niantic rewards website. You can learn how to do this on our Pokémon Go promo codes page.

Once you’ve unlocked Ghost in the Machine, it should automatically appear in the “Events” tab of Pokémon Go. If it doesn’t and you redeemed the code correctly, try closing and reopening Pokémon Go until it appears.

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It’s also a good idea to wait until Go Tour: Sinnoh Global is available to have your encounter with Rotom, as this will ensure that you have a chance to find his shiny form. We make this recommendation because it is unclear whether the brilliant Rotom on a regular basis (isn’t that a mouthful?) is currently available worldwide. Our guess is that this shiny form of Rotom will be available worldwide at 10am (local time) from Saturday, February 24 onwards, so if you wait for this time to pass, you can have your encounter safe in the knowledge that This alternative way is definitely available. .

Please note that waiting until Go Tour: Sinnoh Global is available does not guarantee your chance of finding the shiny Regular Form Rotom, it only increases your chances of doing so.

It’s the Season of Eternal Journeys in Pokémon Go, so be sure to complete the Eternal Journeys quest! The Road to Sinnoh takes us to this weekend’s Go Tour: Sinnoh Global event, while also bringing the Masterwork Research: Glimmers of Gratitude quest. During it, take the time to try out Routes, Gift Exchange, and Party Play while you hunt for rare Pokémon, battle in Go Battle League, or compete in PokéStop Showcases.

Steps of the ‘Ghost in the Machine’ mission in Pokémon Go

Ghost in the Machine is a timed research quest available in Pokémon Go until Sunday, February 25 at 8 pm (local time), making it part of the Go Tour: Sinnoh event.

Completing this quest will give you the chance to catch a Rotom in normal form – the first time this form of Rotom has been available in Pokémon Go. For this reason, along with the fact that Rotom is only available during specific events like Go Fest, Ghost in the Machine is definitely worth completing.

However, you first need to make sure that you have unlocked this Ghost in Machine as we described above. We also recommend waiting until the Go Tour: Sinnoh Global event is active to ensure you have a chance to encounter the shiny Regular Form Rotom.

Below you will find the Ghost in the Machine quest step and rewards. Just keep an eye out for spoilers!

‘Ghost in the Machine’ Step 1 of 1

  • Catch 30 Pokémon originally discovered in the Sinnoh region (Gen 4) – 10 Rotom Candy

Rewards: 479 XP, 479 Stardust, and a regular encounter with Rotom.

Good luck with Rotom on a regular basis!

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