Fortnite Quen challenge walkthrough

Quen Challenge is one of the tasks associated with the Llama School missions in Fortnite.

Through a web portal, Fortnite players can complete School of Llama challenges to move around a map. One such challenge is the Quen Challenge, which takes place on a creative playlist island.

Here’s how to complete the Quen Challenge in Fortnite and what to do if you encounter any errors, such as the challenge not resolving once you’ve finished it.

Please note that this particular challenge can no longer be completed. What’s new? Chapter 4 Season 2 has arrived! New additions include Grind Rails and Kinetic Blades, along with the new Battle Pass, character collection, and Eren Jaeger skin. It’s a good idea to know how to get XP quickly in Fortnite.

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Fortnite Quen Challenge Walkthrough

The first thing you should do before facing the Quen Challenge is to search for the island using its Island Code. This might help you with some errors later, so it’s best to just enter the code before diving in. The code is: 5412-2194-1119v32.

Once you’ve entered the Quen Challenge Island code, load it into a match. First, you will need to approach the quest board and interact with it. He will explain that a jester has made too many jokes about the King and must be protected and escorted out of the area. Walk up to the jester and interact with him to start the quest.

Pressing ‘X’ at any time will cause the Jester to follow you. Unfortunately, you’ll have to keep doing this, because if you stray too far or the Jester misses between targets, its tracking function will reset. Take the jester to the first courtyard and kill 10 enemies that appear here.

You’ll start with a sword, which you can use to take down your enemies. There are also coins lying around. Collect them and spend them in the store in this first area. Buy a bow as it will make things a lot easier. Continue following the coins with the jester in tow, until you reach a door. Go inside (the game will give you a directional marker to follow) and kill another group of guards. There’s another shop here, so buy the Primal Flame Bow if you can afford it.

The next room contains a large bathroom which leads to a staircase. Go underground and deal with the enemies that appear. In the next room there is another tent and a secret wall. Make sure you buy the dynamite and the Fiend Hunter crossbow. Take the jester to the secret wall and they will open it.

You are now in the sewers and must fight waves of enemies and then a boss. These are diabolical enemies and a little more difficult to deal with. Once you’ve taken them out, there will be another shop selling a crossbow with unlimited ammo.

You will be ambushed again and then taken to a room to face one more boss. If everything goes as planned, the door on the other side will open. Go past the jester and interact with the small boat. This will take you to Kaer Morhen. In front of you is a large stone statue. Emote to finish the mission and earn tons of XP. The door on the other side will open and you can explore the area or exit the menu.

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Fortnite Quen challenge does not clear error

Some players have reported that when completing the Quen Challenge, they have not seen it clearly on the School of Llama web map. This is necessary to remove an obstacle, so it will stop your progress unless you find an alternative solution. As we mentioned above, a workaround (thanks u/Krazy_Mouse on Reddit) appears to load into the challenge via its island code (5412-2194-1119v32). Another solution is to wait a couple of hours for the map to register. that you have overcome the challenge.

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Unfortunately, the Quen Challenge is riddled with bugs as of this writing. In our playtime, bosses were disappearing across floors, objectives weren’t progressing, and the jester constantly stopped following us. You may have to play multiple times to reach the end or wait for a fix from Epic. The best thing you can do is use the Island Code cheat and complete the challenge with friends. You get a lot of XP for completing it, so it’s worth picking up despite the many frustrating bugs and bugs.

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