Find the mouse hidden in this picture puzzle in 5 secs, Only 2% pass this test!

In this illustrated puzzle there is a mouse hiding among squirrels. Take this challenge to find out where the mouse is hidden in 5 seconds. Share this post with your friends, family and colleagues to participate in this picture puzzle challenge.

Picture puzzles are difficult to solve. Some of the benefits of solving puzzles include strengthening motor skills and hand-eye coordination, developing persistence and habit of completing tasks, problem solving, and visual-spatial reasoning skills.

IQ test with picture puzzles: find the mouse among the squirrels in 5 seconds, only 2% pass this test! puzzle with pictures intelligence test find the hidden mouse

Image: Gergely Dudás

Here we have a picture puzzle by Gergely Dudás that challenges you to detect a mouse hidden among squirrels. Did you know this fun and interesting fact about squirrels? They have padded feet that help them jump from 20 feet high and can run up to 20 mph.

Going back to our puzzle, we see a lot of squirrels in this picture. Some enjoy nuts while others eat tomatoes. Everyone seems to be having a good time. But among them, there is a mouse hiding in plain sight.

Your challenge is to detect the mouse within 5 seconds.

Your time starts now!

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Did you see the mouse in 5 seconds?

Good job! You have the ability to recognize hidden or partially visible objects or shapes. Can identify similarities and differences between the color, shape, pattern, and size of objects. You can also block out the background to find a single detail in a bunch of different objects. Your visual memory is also strong, helping you remember patterns and other important details.

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Picture Puzzle Answer

However, if you are still looking for the hidden mouse in this puzzle, we reveal the answer below.

answers to picture puzzles

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