Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trophy list, including how to earn every hidden trophy and Platinum trophy

There are 61 trophies you can earn in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and this number includes both displayed and hidden trophies.

Earning each trophy in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will not only allow you to complete its story, but will also task you with accomplishing specific feats in both combat and the game’s various minigames. Getting the Platinum trophy may take some time, but if you’re a Final Fantasy fan, it will be time well spent.

Below, we’ve listed all of the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trophies to help you achieve this, plus how to earn each hidden trophy and how long it will take you to unlock the Platinum trophy.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Trophy List

While there are 61 trophies for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, only 28 trophies are displayed. The tasks for these unhidden trophies range from completing certain acts in combat for the first time, to achieving specific feats in mini-games, to completing each chapter on Hard difficulty.

Here are all the non-secret trophies you can earn in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth:

Trophy how to unlock it Qualification
The hope of the planet Earn all Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trophies. Platinum
I have this Win a battle. Bronze
Exploitation practices Exploit an enemy’s weaknesses. Bronze
Friendship without restrictions Free a bound ally. Bronze
Stepped learning Stagger an enemy. Bronze
Break it down Use a breakout limit. Bronze
Rookie Summoner Summon an invocation. Bronze
team player Use a synergy ability. Bronze
There is no ‘I’ in ‘Synergy’ Use a synergy ability. Bronze
Enter new markets Complete a mission. Bronze
Guns 101 Maximizes a weapon’s ability. Bronze
A world of matter Level up a Materia orb. Bronze
New blood Increases your Queen’s Blood rank. Bronze
Caching Complete your search for a cache location. Bronze
Brake by Chocobos Repair three Chocobo stops. Bronze
Ex-kweh-vator expert Use a Chocobo to find two treasures buried by rabbits. Bronze
You work for me now Defeat a summon in battle and obtain its Materia. Bronze
Intelligence Assistant Meet World Intel in five different locations. Bronze
Intelligence Specialist Bring together World Intel in 50 different locations. Bronze
Director of Regional Intelligence Gather all the pieces of World Intel in one region. Bronze
Moogle lover Maximize your Moogle Emporium Merchant Rank. Bronze
Subject Completist Develop as much Matter as possible together with Chadley. Silver
piano virtuoso Play all six Piano Outreach Association songs well enough to get paid. Bronze
Grind it Reach level 70 with a character. Bronze
Amazing success Deal 300% or more damage to a stunned enemy. Bronze
Well rounded Master all weapon and limit breaking skills, including those found in folios. Bronze
Heavy duty stock Complete all chapters on Hard difficulty. Silver
Virtually recognized Complete all of Chadley’s combat simulations. Silver

Image credit: Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Hidden Trophy List

There are 33 hidden trophies in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth out of the total 61 trophies you can earn. These trophies are earned by progressing through the story, finding specific items, or doing incredibly well at the Loveless performance.

Below you can find all the hidden trophies in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth:

Trophy how to unlock it Qualification
Never meet your heroes Complete Chapter 1. Bronze
swampy situation Complete Chapter 2. Bronze
make mine black Complete Chapter 3. Bronze
The president’s praise Complete Chapter 4. Bronze
cryptic cameo Complete Chapter 5. Bronze
Fun in the sun Complete Chapter 6. Bronze
The price of progress Complete Chapter 7. Bronze
Is it worth the weight? Complete Chapter 8. Bronze
Crying Complete Chapter 9. Bronze
The stars fell from my eyes Complete Chapter 10. Bronze
You’re not Murasaki Complete Chapter 11. Bronze
With an open heart, Dukes up Complete Chapter 12. Bronze
I’m here for you Complete Chapter 13. Bronze
Confluence of worlds Complete Chapter 14. Bronze
Founder’s Bonus Obtain a Protorelic in the grasslands. Bronze
Commander of Fort Condor Obtain a Protorelic in the Junon region. Bronze
cactuar crusher Get a Protorelic in the Corel region. Bronze
honorary turkish Get a Protorelic in the Gongaga region. Bronze
The gambit paid off Obtain a Protorelic in the Cosmo Canyon region. Bronze
Professional manipulator Obtain a Protorelic in the Nibel region. Bronze
legendary swordsman Defeat Gilgamesh. Silver
Seventh, gather together! Recruit all units of the 7th Midgar Infantry for the parade at Junon. Bronze
Stealing the show Wins the award for outstanding performance in the Junon parade. Bronze
royalty card Win the Queen’s Blood tournament held aboard the Shrina-8. Bronze
Critically acclaimed Receive a grade of S or higher for your performance in Loveless at the Gold Saucer. Bronze
1 star home Donate 10 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn. Bronze
3 star home Donate 30 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn. Bronze
5 star home Donate 60 items to the treasure trove at Johnny’s Seaside Inn. Silver
7 star home Inform Johnny that you have donated every possible item to his hoard. Gold
polygonal boxer Defeat Sephiroth in 3D Brawler. Bronze
Are you not entertained? Complete all fights in the Musclehead Coliseum. Bronze
Hall of Fame Win all Chocobo races. Bronze
My work here is done Complete all missions. Bronze

Image credit: Square Enix.

How easy is it to get the Platinum trophy in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

We estimate that it could take you between 100 and 150 hours to obtain the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Platinum trophy. This is mainly due to the ‘Of Hardy Stock’ trophy which requires you to complete each chapter on the Hard difficulty. It’s an achievement that relies heavily on your skill and understanding of the game, especially when it comes to those final bosses.

Outside of the ‘Of Hardy Stock’ trophy, several trophies require you to achieve specific levels of skill in a series of mini-games or, such as the ‘My work here is done’ trophy, which tasks you with finishing each mission, completing each thing in a set of activities. This further increases the time you’ll have to spend working towards the game’s Platinum trophy, especially if you find a particular minigame quite difficult like Chocobo racing. (After all, you have to win all the Chocobo races to reach the Platinum level.)

Image credit: Square Enix.

Fortunately, you can be tactical with a series of achievements to reduce the amount of time you’ll spend working towards that special Platinum trophy. ‘Grind It Out’ tasks you with reaching level 70 for one character and one character only. This means you can focus on your particular favorite character to get this trophy without having to worry about getting your entire party to the level 70 mark.

It’s also a good idea to take advantage of the save game option, especially when it comes to the “Steal the Show” and “Critically Acclaimed” trophies. Since they focus on reaching a specific rank in these activities, you may want to save before attempting them so that if you fail, you can easily try again without having to waste too much time.

Image credit: Square Enix.

In summary, it is important to remember that reaching the Platinum trophy in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is going to require a good effort and, most likely, a lot of time. Still, if this is an achievement you really want to achieve, then it’s worth the effort.

Good luck getting the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trophies!

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