Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides, tips and tricks

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth for PlayStation 5 is the second in a Final Fantasy 7 remake trilogy, with the first being aptly titled Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth picks up where the Remake left off as Cloud and his friends continue their quest to stop the tyrannical Shinra Electric Power Company from destroying the world. They will face many enemies on their journey, including Sephiroth, who is clearly up to no good.

You’ve got a long journey ahead of you, so to offer help, we’ve listed all of our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides below. There’s also a selection of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth tips and tricks!

Please note that this guide contains spoilers, but we’ve done our best to avoid spoiling the story of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth in its entirety.

If you’re still not sure you want to pick up the Buster Sword again, check out Eurogamer’s review of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Guide List – All Our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Guides

Below you will find all of our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth guides so far, and remember, this section contains minor spoilers:

Combat – Weapons, Materia and more:


Boss Battle Strategies:

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Chapter-specific activities:

Secondary missions:



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Cache locations:

Chocobos and Chocobo Stop Locations:

Global Intel:



Story related features and other features:

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Tips and Tricks

Here are some Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth tips and tricks to help you travel across Gaia:

  • Complete all training fights in the Combat Simulator. We recommend doing this from the beginning, as you will be rewarded with Decent Materia for completing all training fights. These can come in handy early in the game!
  • Use Assess: If you’ve played Remake, you know how vital Assess Materia is. For those who haven’t played, or have forgotten (it’s been a while), Assess is very important because it tells you what an enemy is weak to and what their resistances and immunities are. This information will help you Pressure and Stun new enemies, which is particularly useful when facing powerful enemies or bosses.
  • Use Synergy Skills: These powerful attacks are activated when two members of a party have used enough Battle Commands with the black and white double rectangle symbol next to them, which is almost all item and technique uses. You unleash attacks that deal a large amount of damage that pressures some enemies, and each synergy ability has a unique effect, such as MP being unlimited for a short time or enemies remaining staggered for longer. As a bonus, you also get a friendship boost when a character uses a synergy ability with Cloud.
  • Complete special side quests to build friendships: If you want to take that special someone to the Golden Saucer date, make sure they have the greatest friendship with Cloud. You can do this by choosing the right answers and choices at specific times and using synergy skills with them for the first time, but character-specific quests are the best way to quickly improve a relationship. Just make sure not to be too friendly with other party members if you don’t want to risk taking them to the Golden Saucer date.
  • Save before starting main or side quests: Rebirth has quite a few chain effects based on a few seemingly harmless decisions, which can alter Cloud’s relationships with party members. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of saving before embarking on a main quest or character-specific side quest.

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  • Get the Chocobo for each region and unlock Chocobo Stops (when available) – You’ll need specific Chocobo skills to explore later regions/areas and Chocobo Stops make it easy to fast travel around the map of the region you’re in. However, some chapters/regions will not have them.
  • Try riding a Chocobo for your exploration: Chobobos have the ability to sniff out digging locations when a blue or red marker appears above their head, and these locations contain useful resources, Moggle medals, collectibles, and sometimes even Materia.
  • Gather resources as you explore: You need specific types of resources to complete certain side quests by turning in the materials or doing something with the Item Transmuter, so it will save you a lot of time if you are actively collecting the ore and plant. deposits you find while exploring. Although remember…
  • Spend your resources regularly – the cap is 99 for all items and resources in Rebirth, so make sure you use all the common resources like Iron Ore and Planet’s Blessing, or they’ll hit that 99 cap and you won’t be able to collect more.
  • Use the Item Transmuter to craft each item: Even if you don’t need the item, it’s a good idea to craft everything the Item Transmuter has to offer as it will give you XP and progress towards your item level. The higher your item level, the more recipes you will have access to!
  • Create equipment to save Gil: Speaking of the Item Transmuter, we recommend you make good use of it by crafting your accessories with spare materials. This helps increase your Transmuter rank, allowing you to create more powerful accessories, and is a great way to save Gil while gaining more powerful gear at regular intervals in the story. If you want more recipes, look for Lifesprings and scan them to pin the Transmuter Chip locations on the map.
  • You can buy weapons if you lose them in the open world: Many weapons can be found by opening chests in the open world, but if you miss any, you can check the weapon sellers in the central areas to buy them from Gil. .

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Good luck on your Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth journey!

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