Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Gold Saucer date explained

The iconic golden saucer on the Ferris wheel from the original returns in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, but there are changes to how it works.

This time, you need to make sure to raise the relationship level of the party member you want to have the Ferris Wheel date with, and there is an additional mini date a few chapters before the main one. To help you plan ahead, we’ve got an explanation of the Gold Saucer dates for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth below, including which chapters the dates unlock in and who you can attend the Gold Saucer dates with.

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When is the Gold Saucer date in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Although you go to the Gold Saucer for the first time in Chapter 8, you won’t actually be able to access the full Gold Saucer date until Chapter 12 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. This is because your first visit is more to familiarize yourself with the mini-games and layout while continuing the story. However, you do get a mini date (which is shortened) with the party member that Cloud has the highest relationship level with in Chapter 8.

Your proper trip to the Ferris wheel arriving so late in the game is actually a good thing if you haven’t been completing side content related to your chosen partner, as you need to have a high enough relationship level with them to activate their participation. in the date. This is beneficial for someone like Yuffie, who joins the party late in the game.

Cloud and Yuffie on the Gold Saucer Ferris Wheel go on a date in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
Image credit: Square Enix.

What characters can you date in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth?

Although they are classified as a date, not all trips to the Ferris wheel are as romantic as they seem, and are more about expanding you as a character (or just having a fun night).

The characters you can go to this date with in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are:

  • aeris
  • tifa
  • barret
  • Red XII
  • yuffie
  • Cid, Cait Sith and Vincent (main date only)

All dates depend on your relationship level, except for the group outing with Cid, Cait Sith and Vincent, which is unlocked by repeating the Ferris wheel sequence after completing the game and accessing the additional settings in the menu.

Cloud and Barret on the Gold Saucer Ferris Wheel have a date in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
Image credit: Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Golden Saucer Date Explained

The Ferris Wheel moment is what most people call the date scene in the original Final Fantasy 7, even if it wasn’t technically a “date” with every character you could go on it with. It’s exactly the same in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, only there are more options and technically two dates. Who Cloud goes on a date with is determined by his level of relationship with the rest of the group.

The party member that Cloud has the highest relationship level with will automatically go to the Gold Saucer date with him. You don’t really have any choice in the matter at this point. Without spoiling anything, you will knock on Cloud’s room door during Chapter 8 and Chapter 12 in Gold Saucer; The person on the other side is who you will go to the mini date and the full date with.

Making a moody dialogue decision in Kalm with Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.
You can ensure that a relationship doesn’t interfere with your dating plans by choosing the wrong dialogue option when talking to other party members. | Image credit: Square Enix.

So, to go on the date with the person you want, make sure you have the highest relationship level with them before these moments in Chapter 8 and Chapter 12. You can raise relationship levels by choosing the best dialogue options when they appear , doing well. in unique events like the Junon Parade, using synergy abilities with Cloud for the first time, and completing character-specific side quests, like Tifa’s Dreaming of Blue Skies quest in the Grasslands. Your goal should be to have the relationship smiley symbol be blue and have the most rings around the edge if other characters also have a blue smiley symbol.

If both characters have exactly the same relationship level with Cloud, the one closest to obtaining another relationship level will be chosen for the date.

You can check a character’s relationship level at any time by holding ‘L1’.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Aerith and Red xiii relationship icon over heads
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

One good thing worth noting is that you can experience the full Gold Saucer date in Chapter 12 with any character without having to replay the game multiple times. However, you must complete the game before unlocking the additional settings menu that allows you to do this.

Have fun on your date!

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