Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Dreaming of Blue Skies walkthrough

You have to choose between bovine meat, monster meat, or peculiar vegetables during the ‘Dreaming of Blue Skies’ quest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

Although the result of each choice is very small (a different quality of commemorative photo), we detail the full consequences of the choice in our Dreaming of Blue Skies for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth walkthrough below.

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How to start dreaming about blue skies in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

To unlock the ‘Dreaming of Blue Skies’ side quest, you must first complete the ‘When Words Are No Use’ side quest, which appears on the Under Junon bulletin board after completing the first small part of Junon’s story. Specifically, it is unlocked after completing the ‘Friends Together Again’ main quest in Under Junon during Chapter 4.

Once you complete ‘When Words Are No Use’, follow Toby to the Crow’s Nest, then go to the bulletin board below to see the new side quests available to continue ‘Dreaming of Blue Skies’.

Then, to begin ‘Dreaming of Blue Skies’, begin your journey from the Crow’s Nest settlement and climb its western hill until you find a long elevated wooden bridge. Follow the bridge to the top of Condor Hill, then talk to Colin to get started.

Cloud rushing across a wooden skybridge to Colin's location near the Crow's Nest in Junon.
Go up this bridge west of Crow’s Nest to reach Colin and start the quest. | Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Walkthrough Dreaming of Blue Skies

Your first objective in ‘Dreaming of Blue Skies’ is to head to the hunting spot to get some beef to feed the Condor.

Go to the hunting place

There is a Remnawave Tower north or south of the cow location that you can fast travel to, as well as a Grasslands Chocobo stop. If you haven’t unlocked them yet, then you need to fast travel to the Crow’s Nest entrance and then take the path west to reach the location.

When you are close enough, Cloud will crouch and it will appear that you have to sneak up on the cow. However, the cow will run away no matter how sneaky you are, so don’t panic when this happens, you haven’t ruined the mission!

Cloud crouched in the grass, silently approaching a cow.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

Locate the Condor dinner

Next, use your Chocobo to pick up the cow’s scent (hold down the d-pad), then follow the floating orb to the cow’s new location. Defeat the Ignilisk enemies that appear, then watch as another demon takes the poor cow away (she’s not having a very good day).

Track down the dinner thief and head to the demon’s lair.

Use your Chocobo to pick up the scent again, then follow the floating orb past multiple climbing points and enter the demon cave, where you’ll need to leave your Chocobo behind. We recommend equipping Wind Materia and choosing some party members who can attack the flying enemies, because, yes, now you have to fight the Mystic Dragon demon.

The Mystic Dragon enemy evaluation menu view during the Dreaming of Blue Skies side quest.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix.

The Mystic Dragon is actually a pretty powerful enemy, so be sure to block or parry its attacks when you see the red text next to it, telling you what move it will make next. It can also be useful to link Auto-Cast Materia with Healing Materia on a character you don’t want to control manually.

Once the Mystic Dragon is defeated, it’s time to choose an item to take out of the cave…

Consequences of choosing beef, monster meat, or peculiar vegetables in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

You should choose beef if you want the best quality commemorative photo at the end of the Dreaming of Blue Skies quest in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. Your choice doesn’t really matter, though, as you get the same Materia as a reward no matter what food you choose, and Cloud’s relationship with Tifa improves by exactly the same amount.

This is the type of photo you get for each food choice in the cave:

  • Beef – Well composed condor photograph.
  • Monster meat: nice photo of the condor.
  • Peculiar greens: blurry condor photo.

If it helps with your decision, here’s what each image looks like:

A blurry photo of the Condor with Cloud, Tifa, Colin and a bird watcher.

A photo of the condor flapping its wings with Cloud, Tifa, Colin and a bird watcher.

A clear photo of the Condor with Cloud, Tifa, Colin and a bird watcher.
Image credit: Eurogamer/Square Enix From left to right: blurry, nice, well-composed photos.

Once you’ve made your decision in the cave, return to Colin over the wooden bridge west of Crow’s Nest and watch the end of the quest unfold. The full Dreaming of Blue Skies quest rewards are:

  • The relationship with Tifa improves.
  • Protection matter.
  • Commemorative photo.

All the best for exploring the rest of Junon!

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