Destiny 2 Starcrossed quest walkthrough

Starcrossed is an exotic quest in Destiny 2, introduced as part of the Season of Desire.

This adventure takes Guardian back to one of the most famous locations in the Destiny series, the infamous Black Garden. Completing this is a key step to obtaining the Wish-Keeper exotic bow in Destiny 2 and all its associated catalysts.

This page will show you step by step how to beat Starcrossed in Destiny 2.

In this page:

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How to beat the first Starcrossed encounter with Sire’s Obligation

You start in a cave system. This is a simple jumping puzzle as you make your way to the other side. Taking care of the gaps. You should keep an eye out for large, bulbous plants. Shooting them will cause their blades to temporarily open, giving you a platform to help you on your way. Once you reach the end with the small Vex detachment you will reach a large open area.

From here you can continue forward (watch out for snipers!) and you’ll soon approach a sealed door guarded by a Phalanx mini-boss. Above his head there will be a symbol and the same symbol will be displayed above the door. There is a pool of light nearby, within it, that grants a buff called Father’s Obligation. You must have this buff active to damage Phalanx, killing Phalanx opens the door.

This introduces a core mechanic that will be repeated several times in this mission:

  • See symbol on sealed door
  • Find the stubborn phalanx taken with the same symbol.
  • Collect the father’s obligation
  • Kill Phalanx to open the door.

Once you go through the door you will come to another large room. There will be a pool of light near the front center of this room. At the end of this area there will be another door, this time sealed with three symbols. You will have to find and eliminate the three stubborn phalanxes possessed with those symbols, and you will have to do it in the order (from top to bottom) in which they appear on the door.

The phalanges are distributed on the left, center and right of the room. You may have to return to the pool of light several times as you clear each one. There will be other additions to deal with and several Cyclops will appear on the various ridges around the area as you progress. Eliminating them should be a priority.

Once you defeat all of the Obstinate Possessed Phalanxes in the correct order, the door will open and you can proceed to the next encounter.

How to beat the second Starcrossed encounter with Dam’s Gift

You’ll soon reach the center of some Vex structures. The path forward from here will take you through a red fog that will kill you over time, don’t enter it yet. Instead, look at the pool of darkness swirling in the center of the room. Entering this will grant a new perk called Dam’s Gift. The function of this is simple, it makes you immune to the red mist until the buff runs out.

This second mechanic is very simple:

  • Find an area filled with red fog that you want to pass through
  • Collect the gift of the prey
  • It passes quickly before Dam’s Gift dissipates.

From here, you’ll head straight through some narrow and occasional moving hallways in a fairly linear jumping puzzle. When you reach the other side, you’ll emerge into a large room with another pool of darkness in the middle. In front of you will be fogged red doors on the left, center and right.

For the first part of this encounter, you’ll need to collect Dam’s Gift, enter each of those areas one at a time, and defeat a Wyvern. Once the Wyvern falls, a Vex node will be exposed which you will then activate. Wyverns are very tough and you will be racing against the clock to eliminate them before the Dam’s Gift buff expires. The use of super and/or heavy weapons is highly recommended.

Repeat this process in all three areas to activate all three nodes and upgrade Dam’s Gift in the central room as needed. Once all the nodes are online, the boss, Ixion, Covetous Mind Minotaur, will appear. There are no special mechanics for this fight, but be careful with all the add-ons that Ixion brings, particularly the snipers that appear at the front of the room.

Clear them all, collect your loot, and you’ll be ready to move on.

How to beat the third Starcrossed encounter with Crowned by Dragons

After another short platforming section, you’ll reach a large outdoor space, divided horizontally into three areas. In the middle section there will be a pool of darkness that will give you the Dam’s Gift. The left section will have a pool of light that will grant the Father’s Obligation. If you collect both, you will receive a new buff called Crowned by Dragons, which combines the effect of both. The timer will reset every time you enter either light group, but if it expires completely, you’ll have to collect both again.

The left area has a door sealed by three Ahamkara symbols, similar to the first encounter. Once again you will have to find and eliminate three possessed stubborn phalanxes in the correct order to open the way to the final boss. One will appear in the middle section, the other two will be through doors in the left and right areas sealed by the red dust, which is why Crowned by Dragons’ dual effect is essential.

Use the pools of light to hunt the phalanxes in order. Be very careful not to eliminate an out of commission Phalanx, doing so restarts the encounter. This is particularly easy to do with the middle phalanx, since it is exposed.

Once all three phalanxes have been dispatched, the Ahamkara symbol door will open and you can head to the quest boss.

How to beat Starcrossed’s final boss, Akardon, Pitiless Mind

As expected, the final battle of the Starcrossed mission touches on the mechanics learned so far. Akardon, Pitiless Mind is a big Vex Hydra, and the splash damage from her cannons can quickly tear through a Guardian.

As soon as you go through the door and jump into their area, there will be pools of light and darkness, use them to apply Crowned by Dragons right away. Most of the boss room is filled with red mist, and both will upgrade to stay alive and damage the boss.

Akardon itself is a strong, but fairly run-of-the-mill Hydra. Long-range attacks timed to hit openings if your spinning shields will deal a lot of damage. There will be additions to pay attention to. Yellow health bar phalanxes called Merciless Wizards will be on the far left and right of the map protecting the light and dark pools. Remember that if you touch any of the groups before Crowned by Dragons expires, the entire buff will be renewed.

Keep your buff active, keep fire on the boss, and pay attention to the detainees, who trap you in a barrier from which you have to shoot. You can use the pillar to the right of the room for cover. Keep this up and Akardon will fall.

Move forward to collect your loot (and the Wish-Keeper bow if it’s your first time) and revel in the thrill of victory.

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