Destiny 2 fishing, including how to fish and how to get bait

The Guardians of Destiny 2 have known how to ward off humanity’s enemies, defend the earth, kill gods and now… fish?

You read that right, saving the world is hard work in Destiny 2 and the Guardians have taken up fishing to relax.

This guide will explain how to fish in Destiny 2, including how to complete the Gone Fishin’ quest, as well as the best ways to get bait.

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How to fish in Destiny 2 and the steps of the Gone Fishin’ mission

To unlock fishing in Destiny 2, you must first complete the first section of the Into the Depths seasonal quest. You’ll then be sent to talk to Hawthorne in the tower, which will start you on a fishing tutorial quest called Gone Fishin.

The quest steps for Gone Fishin are:

  • Talk to Suraya Hawthorne in Tower Bazaar
  • Collect 20 baits
  • Catch 5 fish outside the EEZ
  • Catch 5 fish in the Cistern of Nessus
  • Catch 5 fish in the Miasma in Savathun’s Throne World
  • Release the captured fish into the HELM aquarium.

Fishing requires bait, which is collected by completing seasonal activities such as Salvage and Deep Dive, playlist activities such as Vanguard Ops or Crucible, and public events. Whichever path you choose, you can anticipate that it will need to be completed several times to gather the necessary bait.

Once you have bait, you’ll need to find a place to fish. There are places to fish in the EMZ, on Nessus, and in the Throne of Savathun world. Look for the blue diamond-shaped indicator on the director to find the precise location.

Once you find the place, walk towards the docks. Follow the button prompts to cast your line. There may be some twitching as the fish nibble, but wait until the lure is submerged and the fishing line is snagged. Press the button again to catch the fish. If you time it right you will get a perfect catch, increasing your chances of catching a legendary or exotic fish.

As you fish, you will eventually want to store them somewhere. That’s where the HELM fish tank comes into play. Head to this destination and approach the console. Deposit your fish to fill the tank. You will also earn gear for any legendary and exotic fish you turn in.

The Season of the Depths is here along with the Into the Depths quest. You too can know how to go fishing! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Lost Sector and King’s Fall challenge rotation schedule!

How to get bait in Destiny 2

Becoming a master fisherman in Destiny 2 will require a lot of bait. While many in-game activities reward you, there is an easy way to optimize and farm bait in Destiny 2.

Open the EDZ in the Director and search for public events. Completing any public event will earn you 7 or 8 baits. Experienced Guardians will know that EDZ Public Events are frequent, fast, and can be chained together to complete quickly.

Charge into an area with an upcoming event and clear it as quickly as possible. You can also take quick patrols, such as those that focus on killing enemies. As soon as you’re done, fast travel to the next point with a public event. If you’re alone, you can even try charging into the same area you just finished; Occasionally you will be sent to a server where the activity has not yet finished and you can duplicate the completion.

Repeat this process until your pockets are full of bait.

How to catch exotic fish in Destiny 2

Exotic Fish are the most desirable, but also the rarest, fish you can catch in Destiny 2. Not only are they impressive to catch, but they also contribute to triumphs and will grant Exotic armor when you deliver them to the HELM.

The odds of any particular fish being exotic are rare, so catching one is a numbers game. However, you can tilt the odds in your favor by taking advantage of the Focused Fishing meter. This meter progressively fills up each time you or someone close to you catch a legendary or exotic fish. As the meter fills up, the chances of catching a Legendary or Exotic fish increase. People close to you don’t need to be on your team, so it may be worth reloading an area until you find an instance with people casting lines.

Filling the Focused Fishing meter takes time, and even with it full, the chances of a particular fish being exotic are low, so you should plan to bring as much bait as you can, at least several dozen. Keep fishing repeatedly and eventually you should catch one.

There is an important caveat. Public events disrupt fishing. If you start one, you will lose your focused fishing progress, so don’t start fishing when you see that a public event is imminent.

Good luck fishing in Destiny 2!

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