Chess Game #13: Checkmate In 1 Move, White To Play

Chess is a two-player board game that begins when each player controls 16 pieces. The challenge in every chess game is to checkmate the opponent’s king. The speed and strategy with which you find the winning move is what distinguishes chess grandmasters from amateurs.

You should play as many chess games as possible in a day to improve your ability to recognize patterns to win every game. Your mind is capable of seeing the future of the game when you see a similar position of chess pieces.

Chess Puzzle #13: Checkmate in 1 Move, White Game

chess puzzle

Here we have another chess puzzle for you.

In the chessboard above, White must move to checkmate the black king in one move. To make the chess puzzle more challenging, you have to find the move within 10 seconds.

How will you checkmate the black king in 1 move to win this chess game?

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On this chessboard, the black king is sitting on the f6 square. What will be your winning move?

Don’t worry if you can’t find the move, you can always check the solution below.

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Chess Puzzle Solutions

Bravo! If you find the winning move, checkmate the black king. However, if you are looking for how to win this chess game, we share the answer below.

Answer: Move the white rook from the a7 square to the f7 square to checkmate the black king in 1 move.

chess game with answers

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