Can you spot the letter ‘S’ hidden in the aquarium within 7 seconds?

Do you consider yourself someone who pays a lot of attention to details? If yes, then we have a challenge for you. To test your attention to detail, we have a really difficult task for you. Are you willing to do it? We sincerely hope so, because we are here to help and entertain you. So, ready or not, here we go.

Puzzle: discover the letter S in 7 seconds

Let’s take a look at this picture puzzle.



This image was published on The image was created by artist Chuck Dillon. Dillon is an artist from Philadelphia, United States, who has created more than 20 works of art and published them on the portal. His art has received more than 150,000 visits and 1.6 thousand appreciations. And the picture puzzle we present to you today is one of the famous works of art of his that has received a lot of attention and appreciation from the public. This image shows a group of students and an adorable dog outside an aquarium. The students are all crowded together, with cans of paint and paintings lying on the floor. Some of the students are eating, others are painting, and others are observing the scene. There is also a woman among them, who seems to be their teacher. If you look closer at the picture puzzle, you’ll see that the paintings on the floor are of sea/aquatic creatures, from worms and fish to sharks and other sea animals. Now that you have taken a good look at the image, the challenge begins.

Somewhere among the students, the paintings and the aquarium hides the 19th letter of the English alphabet: S. Your task is to detect the letter S in 7 seconds. Can you achieve this? We’ll find out soon. So, set your timer for 7 seconds and get started.

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Your 7 seconds are up. Could you solve this brain puzzle? Scroll down to find the solution.

Puzzle solution

Could you find the hidden letter S in 7 seconds? See for yourself:


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