Bring me the Horizon new Album Release Date, Setlist and Tour

Bring Me the Horizon new album release date

British rock band Bring Me The Horizon has exciting news for fans – they’ve announced an upcoming album titled “Post Human: NeX GEn,” with a release date set for September 15, 2023. The highly anticipated album will be the band’s seventh studio-length release, showcasing their evolution and musical prowess.

The announcement follows the release of a number of singles, including “DiE4u,” “sTraNgeRs,” “LosT,” and “AmEN!” While specific track listings have yet to be announced, the unique capital letters in the song’s title indicate these singles Might be part of an album.

Bring Me The Horizon took a creative approach to launching the album, engaging fans with an immersive augmented reality experience. They provided fans with hints and riddles, eventually uncovering a secret building called “The Church of Genxsis” at the Download Festival.

In this mystical space, fans participate in a variety of immersive rituals related to the “Genxsis” theme, including face branding, sermons and tarot readings. This interaction allows fans to feel a deeper connection to the upcoming album and its concept.

Post-Human: NeX GEn continues the band’s ongoing “Post-Human” series, which kicked off with the 2020 EP “Post-Human: Survival Horror.” The collection features collaborations with artists as diverse as YUNGBLUD, BABYMETAL, Nova Twins and Evanence’s Amy Lee.

The trend of collaborations continues on the new album, with Glassjaw’s Lil Uzi Vert and Daryl Palumbo appearing on the song “AmEN!” With its innovative approach to promotion and promise of new music partners, the September 15 album release is undoubtedly a highly anticipated event for fans and the music industry alike.

Bring me the horizon new album 2023

Amo is the sixth studio album by critically acclaimed British rock band Bring Me the Horizon. Released on January 25, 2019, the album showcases the band’s evolution and exploration of various genres, featuring elements of pop rock, electro rock, electro pop, alternative rock, hard rock and pop metal. The album’s title is written in lowercase “amo”, reflecting its unique and modern vibe. The album was originally scheduled for release on January 11, 2019, but was later pushed back to January 25, 2019.

The album was created as a joint production task by lead vocalist Oliver Sykes and keyboardist Jordan Fish. The album was written and recorded primarily in Los Angeles, with some studio work taking place in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Amo’s repertoire is eclectic, incorporating electronic and pop-rock elements that also appeared on the band’s previous studio album, That’s the Spirit (2015). The album spawned an exciting string of singles, including “Mantra,” “Wonderful Life,” “Medicine,” “Mother Tongue,” Grimes’ “Nihilist Blues,” “Sugar Honey Ice & Tea,” and “In the Dark””.

Upon its release, Amo received widespread acclaim from fans and critics, earning recognition for its innovative genre fusion and exploratory sound. The album’s success was marked by a number one debut on the UK rock and metal charts. Notably, “Mantra” topped the chart and set the tone for the album’s anti-genre style.

The album’s recognition went beyond chart performance as it was nominated for prestigious awards like Kerrang! Best Album Award and Grammy Award for Best Rock Album. The unique musical journey Amo offers further cements Bring Me the Horizon’s reputation as a band that dares to experiment and push creative boundaries.


bring me the horizon playlist

Renowned British rock band Bring Me the Horizon captivated audiences with their rousing performances and energetic playlist. Their recent concerts across the US and Canada are a testament to their musical prowess and the love of their fans. The band’s curated tracklists for these concerts cover their discography and showcase their evolution as artists. Here’s what attendees can expect from the Bring Me the Horizon concert:

  • The band kicked off their set with energetic songs like “AmEN!” and “Teardrop,” immediately set the tone for a tense and immersive experience.

  • Familiar hits like “Happy Song,” “DiE4u,” and “MANTRA” take the stage, transporting audiences to the infectious beats and anthemic choruses the band is known for.

  • The tracklist also includes captivating performances of “Shadow Moses”, “sTraNgeRs”, “Drown” and “Lost”, each contributing to the concert’s dynamic range and demonstrating the band’s versatility in blending genres.

  • Bring Me the Horizon didn’t shy away from including fan-favorite hits like “Can You Feel My Heart” and “Throne,” bringing concertgoers to the band’s signature tracks live.

The band’s concerts are characterized by energetic stage performances that immerse the audience on a powerful musical journey. Bring Me the Horizon’s ability to seamlessly transition between different musical styles ensures that each concert offers a multi-dimensional experience that captures the band’s evolution and their signature sound. With an electrifying slate of gigs spanning an entire career, Bring Me the Horizon continues to deliver memorable performances that leave fans excited and hungry for more.

bring me a trip to the horizon

British rock band Bring Me the Horizon will captivate audiences with an exciting tour, offering fans an exciting live experience. The band’s upcoming tour is scheduled to begin on August 1, 2023 at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York, USA. With a series of North American tour dates scheduled, including venues such as Budweiser Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, fans can look forward to being immersed in the sonic journey of their favorite hits.

The tour showcases the band’s impressive discography, including tracks from their sixth studio album ‘Amo’ such as ‘AmEN!’, ‘Teardrops’, ‘MANTRA’, ‘Shadow Moses’, ‘Drown’ , “LosT” and “Can” you feel my heart. The tracklist highlights the band’s evolution across genres, fusing pop-rock, electro-rock and alternative elements to offer fans a diverse and dynamic musical experience.

The Bring Me the Horizon tour not only brings incredible music, but also immersive live performances. From the Cellairis Amphitheater in Lakewood, Georgia, to Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts, and beyond, the tour dates promise to celebrate the band’s fascinating journey and their impact on the rock world. As they take to the stage with their signature energy and sound, fans can look forward to an unforgettable evening filled with exciting performances and an unparalleled connection to their favorite music.

“Bring Me the Horizon” album cover

Known for their innovative sound, British rock band Bring Me the Horizon showcases its versatile side by covering songs by multiple artists across genres. Notably, they paid homage to Slipknot with their cover of “Eyeless,” which showcased their ability to deliver heavy, aggressive music. The cover track has been performed 46 times, highlighting the band’s connection to the metal scene and their dedication to delivering a powerful live show.

Surprisingly, “Bring Me the Horizon” also dipped into pop territory with a cover of Ed Sheeran’s “Bad Habits.” This unexpected rendition, performed with Ed Sheeran, shows the band’s willingness to experiment and explore different musical territories. The covers demonstrate their adaptability and willingness to reinterpret songs from other genres while infusing them with their own unique style.

Additionally, Bring Me the Horizon showcases their diverse tastes by covering songs by artists such as 24kGoldn, Billie Eilish and John Murphy. These covers highlight the band’s ability to appreciate and reinterpret contemporary hits, demonstrating their musical prowess and ability to resonate with a wide audience. Overall, the covers of Bring Me the Horizon reflect their artistic curiosity and desire to connect with audiences through a variety of musical influences and interpretations.

bring me the horizon first album

Sheffield-based British rock band Bring Me the Horizon’s debut album Count Your Blessings marks the first step in their musical journey. Released in 2006, the album introduced the band’s early sound, characterized by its heavy and aggressive style often associated with the deathcore genre. “Count Your Blessings” showcased elements of the raw energy and intense sound that were typical of the deathcore genre at the time.

Upon its release, “Count Your Blessings” drew mixed reactions from audiences and critics. The album’s deathcore sound polarized listeners, drawing both loyal fans and critical scorn. Despite mixed reviews, the album was historic as the starting point for Bring Me the Horizon’s discography, showcasing their early experiments with heavier musical styles.

“Count Your Blessings” laid the foundation for the band’s future development, as they gradually moved away from their deathcore sound and explored more diverse musical influences on subsequent albums. This debut album paved the way for the band’s growth and transformation, eventually leading them to explore different genres and develop their unique and innovative musical identity.

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