Best Punjabi Singers of All Time: Top 10 Legends

Best Punjabi Singer of All Time

Punjabi music is an integral part of the rich and vibrant culture of Punjab, a region that encompasses parts of India and Pakistan. Punjabi music has evolved over the years and has given birth to some of the most popular and influential musicians in the Indian music industry. The Punjabi music scene is known for its energetic beats, catchy lyrics, and vibrant melodies that have captivated audiences across the globe.

When it comes to Punjabi music, there are many talented singers who have contributed to the growth and popularity of this genre. From traditional Punjabi folk music to modern-day Punjabi pop, there are many different styles and variations of Punjabi music that have been explored by these artists. However, there are a few legendary singers who stand out from the rest and have left an indelible mark on the world of Punjabi music.

The title of “Best Punjabi Singer of All Time” is a highly coveted one and has been contested by many talented singers over the years. Some of the names that come to mind when discussing this title include Surinder Kaur, Gurdas Maan, Mohammed Rafi, Jagjit Singh, and Lata Mangeshkar, to name a few. These artists have not only produced some of the most iconic Punjabi songs but have also influenced the music industry as a whole.

While opinions may vary on who deserves the title of the “Best Punjabi Singer of All Time,” one thing is for sure – Punjabi music owes a great deal to these legendary artists who have dedicated their lives to creating beautiful and memorable music. Their contributions have helped shape the sound of Punjabi music and have given birth to a new generation of artists who continue to carry on their legacy.

Top 10 Best Punjabi Singer of All Time

The Punjabi music industry has been blessed with an array of exceptionally talented singers who have made a significant impact on the genre. Their soulful voices, melodious tunes, and powerful lyrics have captured the hearts of millions worldwide. While opinions may vary, here is a list of the top 10 best Punjabi singers of all time, who have not only dominated the charts but have also left an everlasting imprint on the Punjabi music scene

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Punjabi Singers

Rose to Fame


Babbu Maan



Amrinder Gill



Honey Singh



Sidhu Moose Wala



Gippy Grewal



Diljit Dosanjh



Kuldip Manak



Gurdas Mann



Sharry Mann



Jazzy B



1. Babbu Maan (1998)

Babbu Maan is a renowned Punjabi singer, songwriter, and actor who made his debut in the music industry in 1998. Born as Tejinder Singh Maan, he hails from a small village called Khant Maanpur in Punjab, India. Babbu Maan is known for his distinct and powerful voice, which has earned him a dedicated fan following.

With his debut album “Sajjan Rumal De Geya,” Babbu Maan quickly gained popularity for his soul-stirring lyrics and meaningful songs that resonated with the masses. His music reflects the realities of life, addressing social issues, love, and patriotism. Babbu Maan’s versatility as an artist is evident in his ability to sing various genres, including folk, pop, and romantic ballads.

Apart from his musical talent, Babbu Maan has also made a mark in the Punjabi film industry as an actor, writer, and director. His acting skills have been appreciated in films like “Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean” and “Desi Romeos.”

Babbu Maan’s contributions to Punjabi music have earned him numerous awards and accolades. His albums, such as “Pyass,” “Talaash: In Search of Soul,” and “Hashar,” have become chart-toppers, and his live performances attract huge crowds.

2. Amrinder Gill (2000)

Amrinder Gill is a highly acclaimed Punjabi singer, songwriter, and actor who rose to fame in the year 2000. Born in Boorchand, Amritsar, Punjab, he started his career by releasing his debut album “Apni Jaan Ke” and instantly captivated the audience with his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics.

Amrinder Gill’s music is known for its romantic and emotional appeal. His ability to connect with listeners through his melodious tunes and relatable lyrics has earned him a special place in the hearts of Punjabi music enthusiasts. Some of his popular tracks include “Dildarian,” “Judaa,” and “Mera Deewanapan.”

In addition to his successful music career, Amrinder Gill has also made significant contributions to the Punjabi film industry. He has acted in several movies, including “Angrej,” “Love Punjab,” and “Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo,” showcasing his talent as an actor.

Amrinder Gill’s achievements in the music industry have been recognized with numerous awards, including Best Male Playback Singer at the PTC Punjabi Film Awards. His soul-stirring voice and versatile talent continue to win the hearts of music lovers worldwide.

3. Honey Singh (2006)


Honey Singh, whose real name is Hirdesh Singh, is a Punjabi singer, music producer, and rapper who gained immense popularity in 2006. Known for his unique blend of Punjabi folk music and rap, Honey Singh is often credited with revolutionizing the Punjabi music industry.

Honey Singh’s journey to success began with his debut album “Peshi,” which featured hit tracks like “Glassy” and “Panga.” His energetic and catchy tunes, coupled with his rap skills, became an instant hit among the youth, paving the way for his meteoric rise in the music scene.

Honey Singh’s music is characterized by its lively beats, witty lyrics, and fusion of traditional Punjabi elements with modern sounds. His collaborations with renowned artists, both in India and internationally, have further solidified his position as a top Punjabi singer. Some of his popular songs include “Brown Rang,” “Lungi Dance,” and “Dheere Dheere Se.”

Despite facing controversies at times, Honey Singh’s popularity continues to soar. He has been honored with numerous awards, including the ETC Award for Best Sound in 2006 and the Brit Asia TV Music Award for Best International Act in 2012.

4. Sidhu Moose Wala (2017)

Sidhu Moose Wala, born Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu, is a renowned Punjabi singer, lyricist, and actor who emerged as a prominent figure in the Punjabi music industry in 2017. With his distinct style and powerful voice, Moose Wala quickly gained a massive fan following. He hails from the village of Moosa in the district of Mansa, Punjab, and his stage name “Moose Wala” pays homage to his village.

Sidhu Moose Wala is known for his hard-hitting and thought-provoking lyrics that often touch upon social and political issues. His songs carry a strong sense of authenticity and resonate deeply with the youth. Some of his most popular tracks include “So High,” “Warning Shots,” and “Tochan,” which garnered millions of views on YouTube and became chart-toppers.

Aside from his successful music career, Sidhu Moose Wala ventured into acting with the Punjabi film “Teri Meri Jodi” in 2019. He also collaborated with various artists, both within the Punjabi music industry and across different genres, showcasing his versatility and expanding his reach.

5. Gippy Grewal (2010)

Gippy Grewal, born Rupinder Singh Grewal, is a multifaceted artist who has made significant contributions to Punjabi music and cinema since his debut in 2010. Grewal started his career as a singer and gradually transitioned into acting, proving his mettle in both fields.

Gippy Grewal’s musical journey began with his album “Chakkh Lai” in 2002, but it was his breakthrough album “Phulkari” in 2004 that brought him mainstream success. He has released numerous hit songs such as “Angreji Beat,” “Car Nachdi,” and “Khulke Dulke,” which have topped the charts and become party anthems.

In addition to his singing career, Gippy Grewal has showcased his acting prowess in Punjabi films, earning critical acclaim and commercial success. Some of his notable movies include “Carry On Jatta,” “Manje Bistre,” and “Ardaas.” Grewal’s performances have been appreciated for their versatility and natural charm, and he has won several awards for his contributions to Punjabi cinema.

6. Diljit Dosanjh (2004)

Diljit Dosanjh, a name synonymous with excellence in Punjabi music and Bollywood, made his mark in the industry with his debut album “Ishq Da Uda Ada” in 2004. Known for his soulful voice and charismatic persona, Dosanjh has become one of the most celebrated Punjabi singers and actors.

Dosanjh’s music reflects a blend of traditional Punjabi folk and contemporary sounds, creating a unique and captivating style. Songs like “Proper Patola,” “Do You Know,” and “Laembadgini” have been massive hits, garnering millions of views and capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

Apart from his music career, Diljit Dosanjh has also made a successful transition into the world of acting. He has appeared in Punjabi films such as “Jatt & Juliet,” “Udta Punjab,” and “Good Newwz,” receiving critical acclaim and amassing a huge fan following. Dosanjh’s talent, versatility, and charm have earned him numerous awards and accolades, solidifying his position as one of the most influential figures in Punjabi entertainment.

7. Kuldip Manak (1968)

Best Punjabi Singers of All Time: Top 10 Legends

Kuldip Manak, born in 1941, is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and influential Punjabi singers of all time. He rose to fame in 1968 with his debut album, “Gallan Hun De Charche,” which showcased his unique singing style and powerful voice. Manak’s deep and resonant vocals, coupled with his soulful renditions of traditional Punjabi folk songs, earned him a dedicated fan base.

Manak’s songs often focused on themes of love, loss, and the struggles of everyday life. He was known for his ability to convey raw emotions through his music, captivating listeners with his heartfelt performances. Some of his notable tracks include “Tere Tille Ton,” “Dil Da Mamla Hai,” and “Main Teri Tu Mera.”

His contributions to Punjabi music have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Punjab Ratan Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award. Even after his passing in 2011, Kuldip Manak’s legacy lives on, as his songs continue to inspire and resonate with music lovers around the world.

8. Gurdas Mann (1980)

Gurdas Mann, born in 1957, is a legendary Punjabi singer, songwriter, and actor. He burst onto the Punjabi music scene in 1980 with his debut album, “Dil Da Mamla,” which became an instant hit and established him as a prominent figure in the industry. Gurdas Mann is known for his rich and soulful voice, which he skillfully blends with traditional Punjabi folk melodies and modern musical arrangements.

Over the years, Gurdas Mann has released numerous albums, each showcasing his versatility and ability to experiment with different musical styles. From heartfelt romantic ballads to socially conscious songs addressing pressing issues, Mann’s repertoire is diverse and captivating. Some of his popular tracks include “Mamla Gadbad Hai,” “Apna Punjab Hove,” and “Sajna Ve Sajna.”

Apart from his musical contributions, Gurdas Mann has also made a mark in Punjabi cinema, starring in several successful films. His influence and impact on Punjabi music and culture have earned him numerous accolades, including several Filmfare Awards and the Padma Shri, one of India’s highest civilian honors.

9. Sharry Mann (2010)

Sharry Mann, born in 1982 as Surinder Singh Mann, is a contemporary Punjabi singer and actor who gained prominence in the music industry in 2010 with his breakthrough track, “Yaar Anmulle.” Known for his youthful charm and catchy tunes, Sharry Mann quickly became a favorite among Punjabi music enthusiasts, especially the younger generation.

Mann’s music is characterized by its relatable lyrics, often depicting the experiences and emotions of the youth. He effortlessly blends traditional Punjabi folk elements with modern beats, creating a fresh and appealing sound. Some of his popular songs include “3 Peg,” “Hostel,” and “Cute Munda.”

Beyond his success as a singer, Sharry Mann has also ventured into acting, starring in Punjabi films such as “Oye Hoye Pyar Ho Gaya” and “Ishq Garaari.” His contributions to Punjabi music have garnered him numerous awards, including the PTC Punjabi Music Award for Best Male Vocalist.

10. Jazzy B (1993)

Jazzy B, born Jaswinder Singh Bains in 1975, is a trailblazing Punjabi singer known for his energetic performances and unique style. He made his mark in the Punjabi music industry with his debut album, “Gugiyan Da Jorra,” released in 1993. Jazzy B’s distinctive voice and charismatic stage presence quickly catapulted him to stardom, making him a household name in the Punjabi music scene.

With a fusion of traditional Punjabi folk music and modern hip-hop beats, Jazzy B carved a niche for himself, creating a new wave of Punjabi music that appealed to a global audience. His songs often carry a high-energy vibe, encouraging listeners to dance and celebrate. Tracks like “Naag,” “Romeo,” and “Mitran De Boot” became instant hits, solidifying Jazzy B’s status as a trendsetter in the industry.

Jazzy B’s contributions to Punjabi music go beyond his distinctive voice and catchy tunes. He played a crucial role in introducing Bhangra music to the international stage and played a significant part in its global recognition. His collaborations with renowned artists and producers have further expanded the reach of Punjabi music.

Who is the No 1 Punjabi Singer of All Time?

Babbu Maan is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished and influential Punjabi singers of all time. His unique style, soulful voice, and powerful lyrics have garnered him a massive fan following not only in Punjab but also across the globe. Babbu Maan’s contributions to Punjabi music have solidified his position as a true legend in the industry.

Babbu Maan’s musical journey began in the late 1990s when he released his debut album titled “Sajjan Rumal De Geya.” The album featured a collection of soulful and thought-provoking songs that showcased his exceptional talent as a singer and songwriter. The album received critical acclaim and marked the beginning of Babbu Maan’s rise to fame.

Throughout his career, Babbu Maan has released numerous hit albums, including “Tu Meri Miss India,” “Saaun Di Jhadi,” “Pyass,” and “Hashar.” His songs often touch upon a wide range of topics, including love, patriotism, social issues, and cultural identity. Babbu Maan’s lyrics are known for their depth, introspection, and poetic brilliance, which have resonated with millions of listeners.

In addition to his exceptional singing prowess, Babbu Maan is also a talented actor, producer, and screenwriter. He has appeared in and produced several Punjabi films, including “Hawayein,” “Rabb Ne Banaiyan Jodiean,” and “Desi Romeos.” Babbu Maan’s performances in these movies have garnered critical acclaim and further solidified his position as a multifaceted artist.

What sets Babbu Maan apart from other Punjabi singers is his ability to connect with his audience on a profound level. His songs evoke deep emotions and reflect the realities of life, which has earned him a dedicated fan base that spans across generations. Babbu Maan’s music resonates with people from all walks of life, and his popularity continues to grow with each passing year.

Babbu Maan’s live performances are nothing short of electrifying. His stage presence, energy, and captivating voice leave the audience spellbound. Whether performing in small venues or sold-out stadium concerts, Babbu Maan has an unparalleled ability to engage and entertain his fans.

Babbu Maan’s impact on Punjabi music and culture cannot be overstated. He has played a significant role in popularizing Punjabi music worldwide and has become an iconic figure in the industry. His songs have become anthems for the Punjabi community, and his influence has paved the way for future generations of Punjabi artists.

Babbu Maan’s status as the number one best Punjabi singer of all time is well-deserved. His exceptional talent, meaningful lyrics, and unmatched stage presence have earned him the love and respect of millions of fans. Babbu Maan’s contribution to Punjabi music will be cherished for generations to come, solidifying his legacy as a true legend in the industry.

What Factors Contribute to the Title of the Best Punjabi Singer?

The title of the “best Punjabi singer” is subjective and can vary depending on personal preferences and opinions. However, several factors contribute to an artist being considered among the top Punjabi singers. Here are some key elements that often influence this designation:

1. Vocal Ability: One of the primary factors that contribute to being considered the best Punjabi singer is vocal prowess. A singer’s ability to sing with skill, range, control, and emotive expression plays a significant role. A versatile voice that can handle different genres and styles of Punjabi music is often appreciated.

2. Musicality: The best Punjabi singers possess a strong sense of musicality. They have a good understanding of melody, rhythm, and harmonies, which allows them to deliver captivating performances. They can interpret songs effectively, infuse their unique style, and display creativity in their vocal delivery.

3. Stage Presence: Engaging and charismatic stage presence is crucial for a Punjabi singer. The ability to connect with the audience, command the stage, and create an energetic atmosphere enhances the overall live performance. Confidence, body language, and interaction with the audience are essential aspects of stage presence.

4. Song Selection: The choice of songs can greatly impact a singer’s reputation. The best Punjabi singers often have a wide repertoire of hit songs that resonate with listeners. They carefully select songs that showcase their vocal abilities, suit their style, and have a mass appeal. A good mix of popular tracks, meaningful lyrics, and well-crafted compositions can contribute to a singer’s success.

5. Innovation and Experimentation: Pushing boundaries and bringing something fresh to Punjabi music is highly valued. Singers who can innovate and experiment with different musical styles, fusing Punjabi folk with contemporary sounds, or collaborating with artists from other genres can gain recognition. They demonstrate a willingness to explore new avenues and evolve their sound.

6. Impact on the Industry: A singer’s impact on the Punjabi music industry as a whole is another factor considered when determining the best. Artists who bring about positive changes, set trends, or contribute significantly to the growth and development of Punjabi music through their music, collaborations, or philanthropic efforts tend to earn high regard.

7. Fan Base and Popularity: The support and appreciation of a large and dedicated fan base can contribute to a singer’s reputation. A strong fan following often indicates the singer’s ability to connect with the audience and maintain a consistent level of popularity over time. Social media presence, online engagement, and fan interactions play a part in building and sustaining a fan base.

8. Awards and Accolades: Recognition through awards and accolades can solidify a singer’s position as one of the best in the industry. Winning prestigious awards, receiving critical acclaim, and achieving commercial success can enhance a singer’s reputation and establish their credibility as a top Punjabi artist.

It’s important to note that these factors are not definitive, and different individuals may have varying criteria for determining the best Punjabi singer. Ultimately, personal taste, cultural context, and individual preferences play a significant role in forming opinions about artists and their prominence in the Punjabi music industry.

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