Best Passive Skills in Palworld

The more you play Palworld, the more you’ll look to optimize your friends’ performance, and beyond their intrinsic traits, better passive abilities are the key to the essential min-maxing needed for effective optimization.

However, passive abilities are random among all friends, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get one when you catch a friend in Palworld, just as there’s no guarantee that what you get will be beneficial.

Since there are so many to unlock, varying in levels and strength, we’ve provided this helpful explainer to explain what passive skills are, how to find lucky and legendary traits, as well as the best passive skills you’ll want to have. being attentive to.

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Lucky and Legend’s Passive Skills in Palworld Explained

As mentioned, passive abilities are random across all friends, meaning you may not always get the ones you want or ones that match the type of role you want to cast a particular friend into.

While most passive abilities can work on any friend, there are a few that can’t, such as those on Lucky and Legendary Pals.

In the case of the ‘Lucky’ passive skill found in Lucky Pals, it provides a 15% increase to both attack and work speed, making it the only known trait in the game that increases attack speed. work and attack. The “Lucky” trait will always be present on any Lucky Pal you encounter, however, there is no guarantee that you will have additional traits beyond that.

Two examples of Lucky Pals with the ‘Lucky’ passive ability.

As for the ‘Legend’ passive ability found on Legendary Pals, it is equally rare and a bonus exclusive to a select few Pals throughout the game, boosting a selection of combat-focused stats.

Since these two traits are quite rare, while they may present some of the best or most unique stat boost combos in the entire game, and are still worth working to get, getting them isn’t actually the most feasible, especially Yes You are still somewhat new to the game.

So, in the next section, we’ve put together a couple of lists covering the best passive abilities you can find in Palworld, not only for general use, but also for those of you trying to hunt down the best version of Lucky and Legendary Pals in the game.

Best Passive Skills in Palworld

The passive abilities you’ll want for companions working at your base are different than those you’d want for a companion you’ll take with you on expeditions.

With that in mind, we’ve split our recommendations into two sections, one focused on the best passive skills for resource gathering and base building, and another focused on the best passive skills for combat and group-based friends.

Manual work with the cats here at base camp.

Best passive skills for resource gathering and basic friends

Whether it’s an extra work speed or a reduced speed at which sanity drops, there are a few abilities you’ll want to keep an eye out for when optimizing friends working at your base, or for anyone you want in your party while you’re away. resource collection.

Below are our picks for the best passive resource gathering skills in Palworld:

  • Artisan is probably the best of the bunch here, as it increases your overall work speed by 50%, although keep an eye on Serious – it’s only a +20% increase to work speed, but still useful in the meantime until good luck. to cast Craftsman on one of your friends.
  • Workaholic is a trait that slows the rate at which a friend’s sanity level drops by 15%, meaning they’ll be able to work harder before needing to take a break.
  • Mine Foreman and Logging Foreman provide a 25% increase in player efficiency in their respective tasks, although at the time of writing this only applies to physical trees and mining points in the world, not the mining site. cut down or the stone pits you can work in. from within your base. Of course, friends with these traits must also be in your party for you to gain this benefit.
  • A similar situation applies to the passive skill motivational leader, where it says it gives a +25% bonus to “player speed”, but this is actually referring to your own work speed from within the structures within your base. Again, the friend with this trait must be within your party for this trait to work.

If you haven’t had as much luck getting some of the larger boosts provided by the passive skills above, you can still find some nice stat boosts in the lower level passive skills as well.

Some of them are quite similar to their higher-level counterparts, like the Positive Thinker, for example, which slows a Friend’s sanity decay rate by 10%, making it only 5% less effective than the Workaholic, and a good alternative until you find a Workaholic Friend.

An example of a level 1 passive skill.

Other lower level traits have tradeoffs along with a stat boost, but can still be useful in the early game until you start to really optimize which passive abilities you want.

The best passive skills for combat and party companions.

When it comes to your party, you’ll ideally want to find friends that fit different use cases, whether that’s bonuses to your own stats or ways your friends can be more effective in combat.

Greeting the neighbor.

Many of them are as simple as attack or defense upgrades, but others are more specific with movement speed boosts and adjustments based on elemental damage.

Below are the best combat- and group-focused passive abilities in Palworld:

  • Swift is a passive skill bonus that gives your friends a 30% movement speed boost, which is perfect for any friend you can use as a mount. Alternatively, Runner has the same effect, just with a 20% increase.
  • Musclehead is one of the strongest passive abilities in the game when it comes to combat, increasing attack by 30%. There is a 50% work speed reduction, but if you want a frontline friend in your party, Musclehead is a trait worth hunting down.
  • Diet Lover isn’t so much a passive skill you’re likely to particularly look for, but it can be a nice buff for any friends in your party, reducing the chance of their hunger decreasing by 15%.
  • Vanguard and Stronghold Strategist are two passive skills that boost the player’s stats with which a friend can be found, each increasing the player’s attack and defense by 10% respectively. These are two of the only player-focused stat boosts you can get, but best of all, they stack, meaning you could have up to a 50% bonus to attack and/or defense.

There are several passive abilities you will come across that provide bonuses to your friend’s resistance or a damage increase from a particular element.

Each of these grants a 10% increase to an item’s outgoing damage or a 10% decrease to an item’s incoming damage.

An example of one of the element-based passive abilities.

Generally, these item-based traits are very situational, but they can be useful if you want to select a group specifically geared toward a particular region of the map, or friend type, like a dungeon boss or something like that.

Passive skills and how to target the farm through breeding are explained.

The more you play Palworld, the more variety of passive abilities you’ll begin to discover. Most of these can usually appear on any friend and so if there is a particular trait you would like in a specific friend, although it may take some effort and repetition, it is usually possible to get a friend with a combination that will suit you. like.

An example of one of the level 3 passive skills.

You can also find higher and stronger levels of passive abilities, and they are color-coded yellow with multiple up arrows.

However, some passive abilities you will encounter are not always positive and there are many negative effects that you will no doubt encounter on several of the friends you encounter. This doesn’t always affect that friend’s role, but it’s still negative and not particularly ideal, since they take up one of the four slots available for those traits.

The Breeding Farm, unlocked with Tech Points after reaching Level 19.

Progressing further into the game, you will eventually reach level 19 and unlock replay as a feature. By investing in this, you’ll be able to pass on various passive abilities to your newborn friends, essentially allowing you to focus on specific traits you like.

For more information on Palworld, be sure to check out the various guides we publish, including how to get leather, everything you need to know about hatching eggs, and a host of other tips and tricks if you’re still fairly new to Palworld. .

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