Best Drake Songs of All Time – Top 10 Timeless Anthems

Top 10 Best Drake Songs of All Time


Best Drake Songs

Released Year


Marvin’s Room



The Motion



Started from the Bottom



Know Yourself



I’m on One (DJ Khaled feat Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne)



Crew Love



‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ feat Majid Jordan



5am in Toronto



Too Much



‘Versace Remix’ (Migos feat Drake)


Best Drake Songs of All Time

“Best Drake Songs of All Time” is a collection of some of the most iconic and beloved tracks from the Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter, Drake. Throughout his illustrious career, Drake has consistently delivered chart-topping hits and garnered critical acclaim for his introspective lyrics, smooth delivery, and versatile musical style. This compilation features a diverse range of tracks that showcase Drake’s ability to blend hip-hop, R&B, and pop, creating a unique sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. From emotional ballads like ‘Marvin’s Room’ to anthemic bangers like ‘Started from the Bottom,’ these songs have not only defined Drake’s legacy as an artist but have also left a significant impact on the music industry as a whole. With his unmatched storytelling and compelling melodies, Drake’s best songs continue to captivate listeners and solidify his position as one of the most influential and successful artists in contemporary music.


1. Marvin’s Room (2011)

‘Marvin’s Room’ is a standout track from Drake’s second studio album, “Take Care,” released in 2011. The song is an emotional and introspective R&B ballad that showcases Drake’s vulnerability and raw storytelling. The lyrics delve into themes of heartbreak, loneliness, and the struggle to cope with the end of a romantic relationship. The title “Marvin’s Room” is a reference to a nightclub in Los Angeles, where Drake finds himself calling his ex-lover late at night, drowning his sorrows in alcohol, and expressing his feelings of regret and desire. The song’s atmospheric production, which features a slow and moody beat, combined with Drake’s smooth and emotive vocals, adds to the overall melancholic vibe of the track. ‘Marvin’s Room’ resonated deeply with audiences, becoming a commercial success and earning critical acclaim for its honest portrayal of love and loss.

2. The Motion (2013)

Released in 2013, ‘The Motion’ is a Drake single that didn’t appear on any of his studio albums but gained significant attention as a standalone track. The song’s mellow and laid-back production, layered with a soulful vocal sample, sets the tone for Drake’s reflective verses. In ‘The Motion,’ Drake contemplates the complexities of fame, success, and personal relationships. He addresses the changes that have occurred in his life due to his rise to stardom and how it has affected his connections with others, both romantically and socially. The song also touches on themes of trust, loyalty, and the struggles that come with navigating genuine friendships in the music industry. Drake’s signature blend of rapping and singing shines through in ‘The Motion,’ making it a fan favorite for its relatable lyrics and smooth delivery.

3. Started from the Bottom (2013)

‘Started from the Bottom’ is an anthem that exemplifies Drake’s journey from humble beginnings to becoming one of the biggest names in the music industry. Released in 2013 as the lead single from his third studio album, “Nothing Was the Same,” the song quickly became a massive hit. The track’s title and hook reference Drake’s rise to fame, highlighting his determination and hard work to achieve success despite facing challenges along the way. The song’s upbeat and catchy production, featuring a prominent bassline, complements Drake’s confident and triumphant flow. ‘Started from the Bottom’ is not only an autobiographical celebration of Drake’s accomplishments but also serves as a motivational anthem for aspiring artists and individuals striving to achieve their goals. Its infectious energy and catchy chorus made it a staple in mainstream radio and playlists, further solidifying Drake’s status as a dominant force in contemporary hip-hop and pop culture.

4. Know Yourself (2015)

Know Yourself’ is a standout track from Drake’s critically acclaimed mixtape, “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” released in 2015. The song is characterized by its hypnotic beat, produced by Boi-1da and Vinylz, which immediately captivates the listener. In ‘Know Yourself,’ Drake delivers confident and boastful verses, showcasing his lyrical prowess and trademark flow. The song’s iconic opening lines, “I was running through the six with my woes,” have become a cultural catchphrase and a representation of Drake’s connection to his hometown, Toronto.

Thematically, ‘Know Yourself’ delves into Drake’s rise to fame, acknowledging the challenges and struggles he faced on his journey to success. It also touches upon themes of loyalty, trust, and self-awareness. The track’s infectious chorus and infectious energy have made it a fan favorite at concerts and parties, solidifying its place as one of Drake’s best songs. ‘Know Yourself’ not only contributed to the success of the mixtape but also became a pivotal moment in Drake’s career, further establishing him as a dominant force in the music industry.

5. I’m on One (DJ Khaled feat Drake, Rick Ross and Lil Wayne (2011)

‘I’m on One’ is a massive collaboration between DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne, released in 2011 as part of DJ Khaled’s album “We the Best Forever.” The song is a perfect blend of hip-hop and R&B, with each artist delivering memorable verses that play to their strengths. Drake’s melodic hook, “All I care about is money and the city that I’m from,” became an instant hit and contributed significantly to the song’s success.

‘I’m on One’ is a triumphant anthem that celebrates success, perseverance, and living life to the fullest. The lyrics touch on themes of ambition, fame, and the constant pursuit of greatness. Drake’s verse is particularly memorable as he reflects on his journey and newfound stardom. The track’s atmospheric production, courtesy of T-Minus, provides the perfect backdrop for the artists’ verses, creating a moody and captivating vibe. ‘I’m on One’ achieved commercial success, reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and has remained a popular and enduring song in both Drake and DJ Khaled’s discographies.

6. Crew Love (2011)

‘Crew Love’ is a collaboration between Drake and The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye), released in 2011 as part of Drake’s album “Take Care.” The song showcases the undeniable chemistry between the two Canadian artists, with Drake and The Weeknd’s voices blending seamlessly over the moody and atmospheric production. Produced by Illangelo, the track’s dreamy soundscapes and entrancing melodies perfectly complement the introspective lyrics.

‘Crew Love’ explores themes of loyalty, friendship, and the challenges that come with fame and success. Drake’s verses delve into the complexities of his relationships in the music industry and the constant struggle to maintain authenticity amidst growing recognition. The Weeknd’s haunting vocals add a layer of emotion to the track, making it a standout moment on the album. ‘Crew Love’ received critical acclaim for its unique sound and emotional depth, and it has become a fan-favorite among both Drake and The Weeknd’s discographies. The song’s impact extends beyond its initial release, as it continues to influence artists in the hip-hop and R&B genres, solidifying its place as one of Drake’s most significant collaborations.

7. Hold On, We’re Going Home (2013)

‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ is a standout track from Drake’s third studio album, ‘Nothing Was the Same,’ released in 2013. This song marked a departure from Drake’s typical rap style, as it delved into a more melodic and soulful sound. The track features guest vocals from Canadian R&B duo Majid Jordan, adding to the smooth and nostalgic vibe. With its infectious chorus and captivating melodies, ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ became a massive commercial success, peaking at No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song’s romantic lyrics and Drake’s emotive delivery struck a chord with listeners, making it a popular choice for weddings and love-themed playlists. Its music video, directed by Bill Pope, paid homage to the ’80s Miami Vice aesthetic, further enhancing its appeal. This iconic song remains a fan favorite and is often praised as one of Drake’s best, showcasing his versatility as an artist and his ability to craft memorable pop-infused hits.

8. 5am in Toronto (2013)

Released in 2013, ‘5am in Toronto’ is part of Drake’s ‘The Motion’ EP and was also included as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of his album ‘Nothing Was the Same.’ The song features Drake delivering rapid-fire verses over a dark and moody beat, where he addresses his rise to fame, the challenges of the music industry, and his personal triumphs and struggles. Considered one of Drake’s most lyrical tracks, ‘5am in Toronto’ is essentially a freestyle where he showcases his impressive wordplay and clever references. The song also contains several notable lines that allude to Drake’s ongoing feud with other artists and his status in the rap game. With its raw and unfiltered approach, ‘5am in Toronto’ received widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike, solidifying Drake’s reputation as a formidable rapper and lyricist. The track’s title references the time of day it was recorded, adding an authentic and spontaneous touch to the song’s overall appeal.

9. Too Much (2013)

‘Too Much’ is a poignant and introspective track from Drake’s third studio album, ‘Nothing Was the Same,’ released in 2013. The song features British singer-songwriter Sampha, who lends his soulful and emotive vocals to the chorus. ‘Too Much’ delves into themes of fame, family, and the pressures of success. Drake reflects on his personal relationships and the toll that his career has taken on those closest to him. The song’s vulnerable and confessional lyrics resonate with listeners, offering a glimpse into the emotional side of the artist. Musically, ‘Too Much’ incorporates a minimalist and atmospheric production that allows Drake’s heartfelt verses and Sampha’s powerful vocals to take center stage. The song received widespread critical acclaim for its honesty and emotional depth, and it further solidified Drake’s reputation as a skilled storyteller who isn’t afraid to confront his innermost thoughts and feelings through his music.

10. Versace Remix (2013)

The ‘Versace Remix’ is a notable collaboration between Drake and the Atlanta-based rap trio Migos. Released in 2013, the song is a remix of Migos’ original track ‘Versace’ from their mixtape ‘Y.R.N. (Young Rich N****s).’ Drake’s appearance on the remix brought the song to a whole new level of popularity, introducing Migos to a wider audience. Known for his ability to jump on trending sounds, Drake effortlessly flows over the infectious trap beat, adding his signature flair to the track. The ‘Versace Remix’ became a massive hit, further establishing Migos and solidifying Drake’s reputation as a collaborator with an ear for emerging talent. The song’s success also gave a boost to the popularity of luxury fashion brand Versace, which received a significant mention in the lyrics. With its catchy hooks and energetic delivery, the ‘Versace Remix’ remains a significant moment in Drake’s discography and a memorable collaboration in the hip-hop scene.

What are the Other Drake Songs That Left a Lasting Impact on Music History?

Drake, one of the most influential and successful artists in contemporary music, has left a profound impact on the music industry with his chart-topping hits and genre-blending sound. Several of his songs have not only topped the charts but have also shaped popular culture and become anthems for a generation. Here are some of the Drake songs that have left a lasting impact on music history:

“Hotline Bling” (2015): Released in 2015, “Hotline Bling” became a global phenomenon. The song’s catchy melody and dance-inducing beat were accompanied by a viral music video, which sparked countless memes and parodies. The “Hotline Bling” dance, performed by Drake in the video, became a cultural sensation, inspiring fans and celebrities alike to create their own versions. The song’s massive success solidified Drake’s status as a pop culture icon and showcased his ability to create not just music but social media moments that reverberate far beyond the music industry.

“God’s Plan” (2018): In 2018, Drake released “God’s Plan,” a song that quickly became a massive hit. The track’s uplifting and motivational lyrics, combined with its infectious rhythm, resonated with listeners worldwide. The accompanying music video garnered widespread attention, as it showcased Drake giving back to the community by donating the video’s budget to individuals in need. The philanthropic gesture further endeared Drake to his fans and established “God’s Plan” as a powerful anthem of hope and generosity.

“One Dance” (2016): “One Dance” was a standout track from Drake’s album “Views,” and it dominated the charts in 2016. The song’s fusion of dancehall, afrobeats, and R&B elements created an irresistible and international appeal. “One Dance” was a commercial success, becoming one of the best-selling digital singles of all time. The song’s global popularity helped elevate the popularity of afrobeats and further demonstrated Drake’s ability to adapt his style to diverse musical influences.

“Started from the Bottom” (2013): This anthem from Drake’s 2013 album “Nothing Was the Same” quickly became an anthem for ambition and perseverance. The song’s title and lyrics reflected Drake’s journey from humble beginnings to superstardom, inspiring countless aspiring artists and dreamers. “Started from the Bottom” not only showcased Drake’s storytelling prowess but also solidified his status as a motivational figure in the music industry.

“Hold On, We’re Going Home” (2013): This track, also from “Nothing Was the Same,” displayed Drake’s ability to blend hip-hop with smooth R&B melodies. With its nostalgic and romantic vibes, the song appealed to a broad audience and received widespread acclaim. “Hold On, We’re Going Home” transcended traditional genre boundaries and further established Drake as a versatile and innovative artist.

These are just a few examples of Drake’s songs that have made a significant impact on music history. With each release, Drake continues to push boundaries and redefine the contemporary music landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and inspiring artists and fans alike.

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