Apex Legends Revenant abilities explained

Revenant, Synthetic Nightmare’s mock master assassin in Apex Legends, has received a massive overhaul for Season 18. The overhaul removed all of Revenant’s previous abilities and replaced them with three new ones that arguably make Revenant’s playstyle different. faster and more aggressive than before.

Each Apex Legends Legend has their own unique abilities, personality, and story about how they relate to the Apex Universe. As one of the oldest Legends currently active in the game, Revenant has a wealth of experience and talent for brutality under his metaphorical belt. Now that Season 18 has kicked off, it’s time to say goodbye to the old drill abilities and hello to the new ones.

Without further ado, we are here to walk you through Revenant’s abilities in Apex Legends.

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Who is Revenant in Apex Legends?

Revenant is a Legend that was first introduced in Season 4 and is usually locked behind 12,000 Legend Tokens/750 Apex Coins. However, for the entire season 18 Apex Legends: Resurrection, Revenant is free to play and if you complete in-game challenges while playing as him, you can unlock Synthetic Nightmare to permanently add him to your roster.

Death Totem Reborn from Apex Legends Season 4
Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Now, let’s talk a bit about who Revenant really is/was. Revenant was originally Kaleb Cross, a top assassin used and highly valued by the Mercenary Syndicate. In fact, they valued him so much that they kept pulling him out of the clutches of certain death, turning him into a painful amalgamation of human and metal in the simulacrum we now know as Revenant.

You may also notice that there is a lot of tension and anger between Revenant and Loba, but for good reason. Revenant murdered Loba’s parents in front of her eyes when she was a little girl with very little effort. This is just one of many displays of Revenant’s skill and brutality we’ve seen in Apex history. All of which made Revenant highly valued by the Mercenary Syndicate.

Cross is over 300 years old, but until recently he had no idea his human body had been taken from him until a glitch in his programming showed him what he had become. The Syndicate had erased Revenant’s memory every time he “died” and brought him back, explaining that he didn’t know who he really was.

Apex Legends Season Four Assimilation Cinematic Trailer Kaleb Cross
Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

As expected, Kaleb (now Revenant) did not take this news very well. He then promised himself that he would hunt down every last person that would turn him into the simulacrum, but the only problem was that it was over 200 years ago and after some searching he believed that they were all dead. So, he moved on to his next goal: to find the last true part of his human being: his head.

Because? Because Revenant can actually die and not be resurrected if he destroys his human head. However, his head is heavily guarded and there is more surrounding Revenant and his head in Season 18 that may change the dark threat forever…

Apex Legends Season 4 Assimilation Revenant Cinematic Trailer
Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Revenant Passive Ability Explained

Now, let’s move on to the first of Revenant’s new abilities: his passive. Revenant’s passive is Assassin’s Instinct and he has a few skills together. Passive abilities work in the background while you’re in the game, so you don’t have to worry about activating this one to use it.

The first part of Assassin’s Instinct is that it increases Revenant’s climb and crouch speed. These are two qualities taken from Revenant’s original design, but his speed has been increased. Being able to quickly scale a wall to surprise enemies hiding on top of a building or slip through a crack in a wall and catch them off guard is a great tactic for launching enemies towards your teammates. Also, being able to move faster while crouched can allow you to reposition yourself while staying behind the safe cover of low walls and debris.

crypto? You may want to look down… | Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The second part of this passive is that Revenant can now detect and mark low health enemies in a small radius around him. Once he senses them, he can mark enemies for his entire team over a period of time. There is currently no limit to the number of enemies Revenant can mark, so if you are low on health and in close proximity to a Revenant, we suggest running for your life.

Brutal but effective. | Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Revenant Tactical Ability Explained

It’s time to say goodbye to Revenant’s Silence ability and hello to his new tactic, Shadow Pounce. This ability will allow Revenant to close the distance between himself and his targets with ease. You can charge this ability, so the more you charge it, the farther you can jump. Also, how far you can jump will be determined by where you jump or where you jump to, but the overall distance Shadow Pounce can launch you from ground level is similar to Octane’s launch pad.

Revenant has been killing him for over 300 years. | Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

You can use this tactic in a number of ways, to get out of trouble or out of crowded areas where things are getting too hot. You can use it to reposition yourself and attack unsuspecting enemy squads or you can simply use it to jump on your prey and catch enemies off guard. We’ll miss the Silencer ability, as it came in handy in a number of situations, but Shadow Pounce is useful in its own right.

Apex Legends Revenant Ultimate Ability Explained

Revenant’s Death Totem is now a thing of the past and while it was useful when it was first introduced in Season 4, Apex games have evolved and it seems the time is right for a faster ability to take its place. place. Revenant’s new ultimate is called Forged Shadows and if this legend wasn’t terrifying before, it definitely is now. Imagine a walking wall of shadowy nightmares heading straight for you – that’s the brief description of Forged Shadows.

Forged Shadows, once charged, will allow Revenant to create a blanket of shadows around him. These ‘shadow walls’ will increase Revenant’s hitbox and take several heavy hits of damage taken before being destroyed. While Revenant is vulnerable when the ‘wall of shadows’ falls, there is a way to get him back. If you take a knockdown after the shadows are destroyed, Forged Shadows will instantly reactivate and cover Revenant again.

Revenant will show no mercy. | Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The only downside to this ability is that it really removes your chances of sneak attacking, having a large wall of shadow walking towards you is pretty obvious, and just like when you were brought back to the Death Totem, you’ll be briefly vulnerable once. Forged Shadows stops.

That’s all new for Revenant in Apex Legends: Resurrection! We hope you enjoy getting acquainted with his new abilities this season and seeing where the story of this walk-talk-gun deadly drill goes.

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