Anime Last Stand codes for February 2024

Anime Last Stand is an anime tower defense game on Roblox. This game takes the traditional tower defense format (buying and placing units to defend a base from waves of enemies) and adds an anime-inspired twist, meaning that both the enemies you defend and the units you place are characters from several animes.

To take on stronger waves of enemies and, eventually, bosses, you’ll probably want to summon new units. It may take a little time to get enough gems to summon, but luckily, you can use codes to get some free ones (and even some free stronger units with some pretty fun outfits) to help give you an advantage. The game developer usually posts these codes on social media, but we went ahead, did all the hard work for you, and compiled this complete list of Anime Last Stand codes so you can get back to defending your base as soon as possible.

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All Anime Last Stand Functional Codes

  • Update1TrailerHYPE: 500 Gems
  • BlamsAndShocksNightmare100kMemberReRollCodeTry subscribing to BlamSpotOnYT and following Fr_ShockOnTwitter if it doesn’t work: 10 Technique Replays
  • BlamsOP5MillionVisitsRerollCodeMustBeSubbedToWorkLOL: 5 Rerolls Techniques
  • Sub2HotSauceHan: Kohan Exotic Unit (Drip)
  • ToadBoi120k: Gogata Exotic Unit (Primal)
  • BlamTopSecretCodeWontWorkIfNotSubbed: 250 gems
  • NeelsTV: 250 gems
  • DISGUISED: 250 gems
  • Sub2KingLuffy: 250 gems
  • TyFor1mVisitsPart1: 1500 gems
  • Sub2BmGTormenter117onYT: 250 gems
  • LAUNCH: 750 gems
  • SorryForDelay: 500 gems

All Expired Anime Last Stand Codes

  • FminusMicSecretCodeMustBeSubbedToWorkLOL
  • Corrections
  • BlamsSecret1MillionUniquePlayerCode
  • Close
  • Goal achieved
  • TyBy1mVisitsPart2
  • YammoRework
  • End delay
  • 3219872
  • asynchronous
  • Nami free
  • here
  • Shock
  • Sub2Blamspot524k
  • Sub2CodeNex77k
  • TyFor10kFav
  • TyFor2kFav

How do I redeem codes in Anime Last Stand?

Not sure how to redeem codes in Anime Last Stand? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Start Anime Last Stand in Roblox.
  2. Click the “Codes” button on the left side of the screen.
  3. A screenshot of Anime Last Stand on Roblox showing the game's codes button.
    Image credit: Anime Last Stand/Eurogamer

  4. Enter your code in the field that appears and press “REDEEM”.
  5. A screenshot of Anime Last Stand on Roblox showing the game's code menu.
    Image credit: Anime Last Stand/Eurogamer

Are you done summoning and defending your base in Anime Last Stand? Do you want to invest in another anime-inspired Roblox game? Head over to our codes guides for Anime Punch Simulator, Fire Force Online, or Anime Fantasy Simulator to get started. Or, if you’re looking for more tower defense games, we also have code guides for Anime World Tower Defense and All Star Tower Defense!

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