All Of Us Are Dead Season 2 Release Date and Time, Countdown, When Is It Coming Out?

Dead of Us Season 2 release date and time

The second season of “Dead of Us” is expected to be released in 2024. “We Are All Dead” is one of the most popular Korean dramas, originally released on January 28, 2022. The show gained huge popularity during its premiere. It’s only been a few episodes and now it has a new season, Season 2. Fans are so excited for Dead of Us Season 2 that they are eager to know the Dead of Us Season 2 release date.

After the second season of “We Are All Dead” is officially released, everyone can watch it on their respective official platforms. We All Die is based on drama and fantasy and includes many characters who play important roles throughout the series.

Here’s an overview of All of Us Dead season 2, along with additional information. Enjoy watching your favorite Dead of Us Season 2 and share your experience with your friends.

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Summary of Season 2 of “We Are All Dead”

Season name

we are all dead

directed by

Lee Jae Kyu and Kim Nam Soo



number of quarters

Season 2


Drama and Fantasy

‘All of Us Are Dead’ preliminary release date

January 28, 2022

“Dead of Us” Season 2 Estimated Release Date


Streaming Platform


“We Are All Dead” Season 2 Characters

Park Ji Woo Cho Yi Hyun


When will it come out?

The second season of “Dead of Us” is expected to be released in 2024. Dead of Us Season 2 is one of the hottest shows right now, with episodes being released one after another. The gripping plot of Dead of Us Season 2 is arguably one of the main reasons why the series is so popular, prompting fans to seek out Dead of Us Season 2, which we have already mentioned in the section above Pass.

When you watch the trailer for Dead of Us Season 2, you can make a little guess about the storyline, the genre of the series, and also get to know the main characters of the series.

“We Are All Dead” Season 2 Cast List

  • Zhao Yixian as Nan Luo
  • Park Ji Woo plays On Zu
  • Im Jae Hyuk plays Dae Soo
  • Park Solomon as Soo Hyuk
  • Ha Seung-ri as Ha-ri
  • Bo Yun plays Hyo Lin
  • Li Enxin as Meizhen

we all die trailer

We Are All Dead Season 2 Plot

“We Are All Dead” ends tragically, with most of the characters dying. After the initial outbreak, Hyosan City was quickly overrun by zombies, and most of the zombies were subsequently eliminated by South Korean bombings. Although many survivor stories have been resolved, the possibility of another outbreak remains. A single zombie could start chaos again.

Also, the character of Nam-ra is interesting as she manages to retain her humanity despite being infected. She’s one of several hybrids who use the virus to increase their strength and pain resistance, though her hunger for human flesh still poses a threat, providing plenty of material for future plot points. The webcomic’s ending is a marked departure from the show’s current trajectory, with Nara ending up with her friends rather than with the hybrid.

There’s also a tantalizing hint that the virus has spread to Japan, providing a potential storyline for a second season, although South Korea’s production sources may limit such a shift. Director Lee Jae-kyu’s adaptation of the webtoon has taken the series in a unique direction, hinting at further developments in season two.

Lee said that the next season may explore the survival of zombies and encourage viewers to reflect on social themes, using the origin of the zombie virus as a metaphor for social responsibility in incidents such as school violence. This thematic depth will likely continue to shape the narrative of season two.

Where can I watch Season 2 of “We Are All Dead”?

You can watch Dead of Us Season 2 on Netflix. The much-anticipated sequel to the show is available for streaming exclusively on Netflix. With Netflix, you can easily access all the best episodes of this gripping series and watch them anytime. Dead of Us is back for Season 2, taking you back to the world of survival and zombies. Don’t miss out – start your binge-watching journey on Netflix now!

“We Are All Dead” Season 2 Highlights

The second season of “We Are All Dead” stars Park Ji-woo and Jo Yi-hyun. The movie also features other characters listed above, so watch the movie with family and friends. The film’s release date, cast, and trailer information are given above. Dead of Us Season 2 is one such series that has made it onto many binge watchers’ watch lists.

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